Bald eagle, fox, and cat are porch friends

[Video Link] Contented creatures on a porch in Unalaska, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands.

See how the fox, eagle and cat are all just fine hanging out and no one is trying to attack anyone and they are getting along just fine? Notice the eagle in the background on the lamp post down by the street. That is the partner to this eagle. They aren't always out to attack and kill each other. Our fox and eagles and cats basically get along just fine here. Sometimes if there is food they might fight over the food some. I live in Unalaska, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. Also, earlier in the day when the fox first came Gizmo my cat went right up to the fox and told him to leave. It was too funny! But the fox came right back!


  1. I hate to break the fourth wall, but I find it more amazing that these creatures are complacent in the presence of the human recording the video.

    1. When you feed wild animals, they become accustomed to humans and begin to associate them with food. Which is why feeding wild animals is stupid.

  2. I don’t want to be the first to cry Photoshop on this. But what’s with the weird distortions happening throughout the clip?

    1. I was wondering the same thing. It seems legit enough, but those strange fisheye distortions whenever it pans are curious indeed.

      1.  I think this is a rolling shutter problem. Olympus’ compact system cameras suffer from it if you want to google for a look.

    2.  Looks like overly aggressive post-processing image stabilization/vibration reduction/anti-shake.

    3.  I believe this is the effects of the Warp Stabilizer plug-in, a new addition to After Effects 5.5. Rolling shutter + advanced image stabilization = strange “flexing” video effect.

      If they used After Effects, you could make a strong argument that this entire video is a fake.

    4. YouTube has an auto-stabilization feature you can turn on when you edit a video on the site itself. Every video I’ve tried it with gives the same style of distortion. 

    5. I thought snowflakes melting on the lens. 
      There are several other videos by this lady with those animals.

        1.  It’s a wonderful video, and the other ones with the cats and eagles are too. I would worry that my cat would be too cold in the snow, but yours seem just fine!

          Thank your mom for posting it (and don’t worry about people who think it’s fake – for some reason, some folks who post here can be a bit cynical…)

    6. She addresses in on her youtube page. Simply something to do with the video and what happened after she uploaded it to youtube. Some different software. Don’t quite understand it myself. But the point is, not fake. As real as it gets. 

    7. Youtube’s new video stabilization.  It’s pretty nauseating.  I’d rather see shaky video.

    1. thought you meant you found both of their severed heads in a food bowl, would have made a far more interesting story.

        1. They’re not stupid, they are roughly as smart as a dog in terms of problem solving tasks, and they actually can make really sweet pets that get along with dogs and cats. 

          The cats and one dog I’ve had over the years have been pals with these critters and my neighbours here (Eugene, OR) have similar stories. One of my friends in middle-school had one as a pet – what a character, the possum was too.  He had a starling that talked and liked to ride on the possum’s back. Both the starling and possum were rescue animals that were brought to a non-profit animal shelter and his family were volunteers with this shelter. 

          Possums are not native to the west coast. They were brought here as pets in the 1930’s, many by Forest Service employees. 

          The reason why people think they are stupid is they sometimes get hit by cars in the morning as they scurry home – they are more used to the dark and dusk. They also are more likely to practice cannibalism than other critters. 

          BTW – they cannot get rabies – something about their body temperature and the rabies virus not evolving to infect marsupials. 

    2. This is sooo common. The cats and possums where I live seem to have some sort of secret society. My family’s cats always have hung out with and shared food bowls with the possums. The neighbours also notice this.

  3. Same porch here – seems to confirm despite the odd distortion in the posted video.

  4. For some reason, I kept thinking about Dr. Suess when I listened to the narration.
    It’s pretty nice to see this.

  5. Is her cat named “suitcase”?

    I also like how she sorta just glosses over the eagle as if that’s the *least* amazing thing there.  “Oh hey eagle… NO DON’T TRY TO COME IN THE HOUSE, SUITCASE!”

    1. Well, looking at some of her other videos, an eagle on the porch IS kinda run-of-mill. A fricken’ eagle!

  6. I want her to pick up that piece of wood with the nail sticking out.  Pick it up!  Throw it away before someone steps on it!  

    Oh yeah, the animals are cute too.

    1. Saw this vid on cheezburgr the other day, and I could. not. believe. how many people were going on and on about the damn piece of wood with a nail sticking out. People, there’s an EAGLE and a FOX right there on the porch!

      1. Maybe a nail sticking out of a piece of wood is the magic talisman of peace amongst creatures? I’ll have to try this on my porch.

  7.  “Okay, Suitcase should be back soon from planting the explosives. Once she gets back, Gizmo and I will infiltrate the– ohcrap– why hello, human..”

  8. Amazing how quickly wild animals lose their survival instincts once you start feeding them. I would expect this person will get a nasty visit from Fish and Game now that this has gone viral.

    1. She’s not feeding the eagle or the fox, from what I can tell, she’s just feeding her cats and the eagle and fox are probably attracted to the smell of the food.

      1. If she’s feeding her cats outside, then she’s feeding all of the wildlife in the vicinity.

          1. Actually, I see them all the time, along with deer, coyotes, rabbits, chipmunks and more species of birds than I could name. And they still visit my yard even though I don’t feed them.

          2.  Have you seen the eagle eating the cat food — either dry, or tuna?

            I live in an urban area in the Pacific Northwest, and feed outside cats. Raccoons and possums come by to check for cat food all the time. I’ve never seen any that didn’t bolt the moment I came outside, though. It’s pretty wild how that fox and that bald eagle stay put, even with a human in close proximity.

    1. Sir or Madam – I am a man, not an animal. 

      For proof, I have attached a picture of me and my adorable blond adopted child, Scraps (touch the thumbnail to enlarge.)

  9. Why won’t she let the cat in? That’s cruel. I’m guessing that cat isn’t indigenous to Alaska and is freezing it’s tail off. What possible reason would you lock your cat out in the snow for???

    1. They actually love the snow. Gizmo more than Suitcase though. He’s a bit of a momma’s boy and comes running when he hears her voice. 

  10. I think the cameraperson was on shrooms. That’s the only explanation for the spatial distortion and wildlife-themed hallucinations.

  11. I have bald eagles, fox, and cats on my property too.  But I don’t feed them enough to keep them from regarding each other as prey… our late, much lamented ginger tabby Maxwell tried to make friends with a fox.

    1. I’d say that, at this moment in our cultural evolution, if eagles were killing cats, we’d have a new national bird as fast as 4chan could shut down the government.

      1.  It all depends on the ratio of hungry eagle to inattentive kitty. Some neighbors lost a puppy to an eagle (picked it up, flew up about 100 feet and let go), and several tourists have their small dogs taken every year.

        Cats seem to put up too much of a fight for eagles, so it’s mostly the coyotes and wolves that get them. We don’t let our cats go outside.

        1. We have cat-eating owls. They get into fenced back yards where the coyotes can’t go.

          1. Owls are awesome. We have a couple of species up here that could definitely take a cat, but seem pretty content with all the snowshoe hares that abound.

          2. I suspect that one particular great horned owl is responsible for all the local cat murders.

        2. I know people love their diminutive dogs, but the idea of an eagle just taking off with one gives me the giggles.

  12. If you take away the eagle, the sight is not that uncommon, even somewhere like the middle of a city like London. We’ve had foxes living in the back yard and the cats – who are top dog – are generally very tolerant. 

    Imagine you swap out the eagle for a muscle dog. Absolute carnage. The lady is dead too. 

  13. I swear I keep hearing in the background bits of the bass line from Pink Floyd’s “One of These Days”.

  14. This seems like an edited video to me.  Not only are there weird distortions every time the camera goes to another animal it distorts…and never are all 3 animals (or even 2 for that matter) in the same shot at the same time.

  15. Alright lady, but if one of each sex wanders there the day after, check for floods and house buoyancy.

  16. Never thought it would be possible, but I just got the urge to move to alaska……probably one of the coolest videos online…and she has posted many of them! Way to cool!

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