Destruction by numbers


4 Responses to “Destruction by numbers”

  1. taj1f says:

    Without 3-M, the entire entertainment industry would grind to a halt.

  2. xzzy says:

    Hopefully after the episode they aired on Sunday, they can stop doing silly stuff with duct tape and quit wasting it.

    The episode was fun, but seemed a bit excessive. The utility of duct tape is already well documented, I’m not sure we need annual affirmations of that fact.

  3. TooGoodToCheck says:

    I wish netflix would get some new mythbusters episodes.  They haven’t updated in years.

    Are there any other (relatively cheap, but more legit than bittorent) ways to get new mythbusters episodes for those of us without cable?

  4. Keith Anselm says:

    I misread that as 33,500 acres at first. This is less disturbing.

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