Paul Vixie's firsthand account of the takedown of DNS Changer


4 Responses to “Paul Vixie's firsthand account of the takedown of DNS Changer”

  1. Todd Knarr says:

    A lot of users just won’t believe there’s a problem as long as things even vaguely work. They’ll go “If I need to fix it, why is everything working fine?”. The only way to get their attention at all is to make things stop “working fine”. By now all the owners of all the infected machines should’ve been informed, if their ISPs are in the loop on this. Pull the plug, shut the replacement DNS down and don’t let them ignore the problem any longer.

    “Evolution stopped when stupidity stopped being painful.” It may not be technically accurate, but the sentiment behind it’s undeniably true.

    • Kimmo says:

      Perhaps somebody would care to actually explain what the problem is?

      Beyond just making “using ISC’s replacement DNS servers” sound like a bad thing?

      We’re not all au fait with the entire digital landscape. I can begin to guess why being hooked up to a dodgy domain name server would be bad, but would an example or two be too much to ask?

      Perhaps part of the problem might be a failure to communicate the nature of the issue. Certainly seems the case with Cory’s post here.

  2. Matt Blank says:

    These DNS servers should resolve every single query to a page that tells them whats wrong, how to fix it. That’ll get people off their butts.

  3. blissfulight says:

    Just pull the plug.  They’ll want to fix it as soon as it stops working.  They can pick up the phone and call the tech guy, if they’re too lazy or stupid to do it themselves.  

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