Stary eyeball hair


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  1. PhosPhorious says:

    Amazingly cool!   But the title “Stary Eyeball Hair”  made me have to blink about a hundred times.

  2. bbonyx says:

    Seems so familiar….

  3. blueelm says:


  4. Halloween_Jack says:

    No, but check out this or this or this for some nightmare fuel.

  5. copacetic says:

    Yes. The stylist’s name is Seaborn (known as Celebrity Seaborn) and the woman in the photo is known as Pastor Dot or just Dot. He has a Youtube Channel and Dot is very well know for wearing some of his most outlandish hairstyles. There is actually a video of this style. You can find it here.

  6. It’s like the Gate in Full Metal Alchemist!

  7. Drew Rickett says:

    Is that red and black sharpie?

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