Webcam Tears

Via Gawker's Adrian Chen, a Tumblog of Greatness: Webcam Tears. Works best if you play all of them at the same time.


  1. I want to hug them and say, “Sad young people, cheer up – soon you’ll be older and dead inside, freed from the tyranny of feelings.”

  2. No one understands just how tough kids have it in the suburbs. Kids at the mall stare at your green hair and face piercings & make fun of you if you don’t have the latest smart phone….and parents, they don’t get it. Always nagging with their “You need to think about your future.”….”Stop fucking up in school!”….”Who cares what people think of your clothes”…

    ….We need to sell some bracelets and raise some awareness. Who is with me?

  3. I kept asking how vain do you have to be to record yourself crying and then upload it to youtube?  So weird.  

    1. Right. Goes along with @boingboing-27408a1ecaccf09db347f0937a44def9:disqus ‘s comment. Presumably they’re doing it for attention and sympathy (though it seems to me that youtube comments are not the right place to look for that).

      And, you know what? Maybe it’s better that they’re doing this instead of keeping it bottled up like everyone else. No doubt some (most?) are faking or at least exaggerating, but it’s probably legitimately therapeutic for some of them.

    2. Too right. And how creepy does this guy have to be to collect them?

      The whole thing leaves me a bit anti-humanity. I’ll go and look at unicorns or something…

  4. There isn’t enough dining going on in these videos. I’ll stick with “Crying While Eating” for now.

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