Classics of Internet Art

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Over at MyLifeScoop, a site created by one of our sponsors, Intel, I wrote about Ken Goldberg's Telegarden (1995), Eric Paulos's Limelight (2004), and other classic Internet artworks.

Cyberspace is no longer a place we go to through our desktop or laptop screens, but an overlay on top of our physical reality. In fact, the most fertile ground for experimentation is where the real and the virtual blend together. As a card-carrying "futurist," one of my favorite places to look for experiments that point to where things are headed is within the world of art. Artists tend to push on the questions that we'll all be asking years later. And in the process, they often grapple with emerging technologies in unpredicted ways.

"Classics of Internet Art"


    1. The article only includes four artworks that are some of my favorites. It wasn’t intended, nor could it be, comprehensive of *all* the great Internet artworks.

      1. The posting’s title does raise expectations, though. Maybe it would have been better presented as “My 4 favorite net artworks.” 

        “Classics of Internet Art” suggests something a bit meatier and more sweeping. BTW, the first commentator (EH) and myself (Ethan Ham) are not the same person.

  1. The genre is not dead, but only just getting started. Here is a list of some of the new work coming out of the “Networked Art” world from the past year  if you have any interest:

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