Regina Spektor: new video for "All the Rowboats"


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  1. relawson says:

    well, she has everything I look for in a 2nd wife… is she single? I can be ;)

  2. Yes! Love Regina Spektor. This is great.

  3. I love Regina so, so much. Such a fantastic musician that can do so much with three keys on a piano and her voice. I want to kill her make-up artist, though. “Look, we’ll make you all J. Lo! Kids love that!”…

  4. Excellent voice, very nice video.

  5. It’s a great song and a great video, my only problem is that the album it’s on isn’t on sale until mid-may. That seems backwards to me.

  6. mindysan33 says:

    I love her.  I recently got Begin to Hope, after stumbling across Soviet Kitsch a while ago.  This is a great song…

    Also, can we somehow manage to get her on tour with Kate Bush, Tori Amos, and Amanda Palmer…  We could call the the ladies and pianos tour.  There’d be a huge tour bus, but for the pianos.  Bush, Amos, Palmer and Spektor have to travel cross country in a volkswagen beetle and record the whole trip.  It’d be the best reality TV show ever.  

  7. Mark Mellang says:

    I used to really like her, then I went to a concert in Louisville, KY. Worst concert ever, she repeatedly forgot lyrics and screwed up on the piano. People were leaving.

    • marilove says:

      Maybe she was just having an off day.  Maybe she was sick.  Maybe her grandfather just died.  People have off days all the time.  I’m sure you’re not always on point at your job.

      Others have said her shows are amazing.

    • andvari says:

      that’s because she’s a real artist. She plays without music sheet, no monitors with lyrics, and no playback. Honestly, i prefer a concert like that to a fake-perfect concert.

    • Mike Weber says:

      I was at the same concert.  Her goofs are part of the charm.  It makes you feel like you are in her living room having a few drinks and not in some concert hall.  I think some in the audience didn’t get that.  Maybe they shouldn’t just buy tickets to any pop show that comes to town.  No fan would have walked out no matter what she did.

  8. angusm says:

    When I saw Thomas Dolby’s show last night, he had samples of her voice in his M-Audio box, for use on his song “Evil Twin Brother”. Actually, when he first tried it, he got Martin Luther King instead. But eventually he got Regina loaded up, and she sang along (virtually).

  9. drowse03 says:

    I love Regina Spektor’s music.. I will check this out.. Thanks Boings!

  10. shamowfski says:

    She had a couple of songs on the “500 Days of Summer” soundtrack.  That’s how I first learned about her.

  11. I have seen her live twice, and both times she blew me away with both her voice and stage presence. She is a fantastic performer.

  12. Jeffety says:

    She’s wonderful. It seems strange, but this song reminds me of Ladytron.

  13. Ivan Rengifo says:

    Good song, …. But anyone else felt like singing the lyrics to “alien” by pennywise at the same time? just me?

  14. jeraliey says:

    Regina Spektor breaks my heart.  I’ve never seen an artist get so consistently close to transcendence…..and so consistently self-destruct by throwing in third-grader-class rhymes like land mines in her lyrics, just as you’re about to weep from perfection.  It’s tragic.  So I just listen to Dar Williams, Sarah Slean, and Jesca Hoop.  Safer that way.

    • Nick says:

      What breaks my heart is how overproduced some of her songs are now.

      The live version of “one more time with feeling” makes me cry everytime. When I hear the album version it feels like a completely different song.

    • penguinchris says:

      I’m glad you brought that up because I feel the same way but wasn’t sure how to put it. I’ve loved the album Begin to Hope since it came out (I listened to Soviet Kitsch first)… or I should say I love 3/4 of it. And I like some of her other stuff but it’s really varied.

      I’m not sure I’d prefer it any other way, though – she’s kind of all over the place but that’s what makes it interesting, and probably is what allows her moments of brilliance to be so great.

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  16. henry7 says:

    What breaks my heart is how few real artists like Regina Spektor there are at the moment. If your whole concert is miming to a tape then your not in any danger of forgetting the words. The whole reason for going to a concert is to hear a unique performance, If you have an artist playing piano and singing, then she may f… up every now and again.  

  17. ravells says:

    She sounds like she’s modelled herself on Dido

  18. the U.K loves you!! cant wait for the tour.

  19. I have consistently followed Regina since I was a teenager.  Saw her play at Bull Moose in Portland Maine while sitting on the floor with my mouth wide open.  It’s different from other performers for me since her journey feels so human.  

  20. Soviet Kitsch was awesome. Begin to Hope was great, but it was a harbinger of sell-out poppishness. The superlative mainstream pop couldn’t continue. Far was just plain not a good album. By the sounds of this single, her next one won’t be either. Very much a shame since S.K. and B.t.H. were two of my favourite LPs of the last decade.

    • Andy says:

      Each to his own, but I love Far and still listen to it often. I’d put Laughing With in the same league as Braille or Somedays: the opening chords alone are enough to bring the hairs up on the back of my arms.

  21. I want to go to there. And Stay.

  22. leeboyce says:

    Loving the new video!

    Just found an amazing  remix of Regina’s – Eet by NoFACE 
    Check it out if you get the chance!

  23. Dan Isaacs says:

    She also did a few songs on the Boardwalk Empire soundtrack. 

  24. Tim H says:

    I was lucky enough to work on three or so of her music videos a few years ago and bunch of MTV live things.  I’d been completely ignorant of her work beforehand but had a total crush on her and her music at the end.

    This newest video makes me a little nervous and I had to think hard to figure out why.  At first I thought it was the big pop star hair thing and all the weird thrashing around, but I realized it was that her lip syncing was off in style.  By that I mean, we see her at a distance running around and looking like she’s shouting, with her mouth wide open, whereas her singing feels up close and intimate and sort of choked up on the mic.  It doesn’t match. 

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