Master Dog Grooming Tools


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  1. what end of the tool do you use on what end of the dog?

  2. xzzy says:

    That is a serious looking piece of gear.. it looks enormous. How does it fare with cats?

    • racerx_is_alive says:

       A few months ago we picked up a ShedMonster (which looks like a slightly smaller version of this brush) for our cat. It works amazingly well, and our cat doesn’t mind getting brushed at all since we got it.  And bonus, it’s about half the price of this one on amazon.

  3. artimusClyde says:

    I use a similar tool, an undercoat rake and it works extremely well. My dog seems to like it, and it just grabs all of that undercoat hair that is shedding. You end up with a pile of hair about half the size of your dog the first time you do this in the summer. Highly recommended for shedding dogs.

  4. Promit Roy says:

    Could you elaborate on what makes this tool better than the Oster rake?

  5. Noah Bunyard says:

     why is the only review on amazon a word for word copy of this ‘article’ by a different person?

    • Houston Lang says:

      Which was posted in February, one might add.

    • Cool Tools says:

      Hey Noah, 
      Oliver Hulland, editor of Cool Tools here. Bill Womack sent us the review back in February, and I didn’t get around to publishing it until today. Since he first sent it to me he went ahead and published it at Amazon under his pseudonym Zino Davidoff. I ran the review without realizing it had shown up somewhere else, and I can’t apologize enough for the confusion. 

      TL;DR Bill Womack and the Amazon reviewer are one and the same person. 

      – oliver

  6. David Weintraub says:

    So this is definitely a dog toy and not a marital aid.

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