Animating funny/scary effects into historic black-and-white photos


8 Responses to “Animating funny/scary effects into historic black-and-white photos”

  1. Don says:

    Mother Jones as you’ve never seen her.

  2. jayoval says:

    Ah, as usual, older women who are serious (rather than sweet grannies) are a valid target. Do that and make it look funny with a young white middle class male. 

  3. Donald Petersen says:

    These are awesome!  Day thoroughly made.  The WWI Decoy Howitzer is honestly the best little horror movie I’ve seen this year.

  4. Nate Foote says:

    The ones that are still available are great! Sad to see so many “image not found” placeholders

  5. Dan Hibiki says:

    these are Monty Python worthy.

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