Molydeux game jam inspired by overambitious ideas

Twitterer @petermolydeux posts funny concepts for ambitious video games — "You have to secretly make people fight each other and then afterwards use their bodies to make artwork that enriches their lives." — in gentle mockery of famed developer Peter Molyneux, whose otherwise excellent titles often fall short of his elaborate design ideas. After the real Molyneux approvingly retweeted one of his doppelganger's demented concepts, a global game jam based on them was organized. It was a roaring success, with the man himself in attendance.


  1. If people are interested, here are some of the games I really liked from the Molyjam:  (All three of these are possibly NSFW, but that’s how it goes.  Use your judgment.)

    Still Life, a lovely game where you play a tear running down a woman’s body.  Very hard, but worth the effort.  

    Friends ‘Till the End, a simple platformer made by Tribute Games (makers of Wizorb).  Control a boy and his toy helicopter.  Heartwarming and horrific. 

    In Arms’ Way was the game I worked on.  It’s a two-player game about a psychotic monster who controls your arms.  And guns at the end of those arms.

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