Molydeux game jam inspired by overambitious ideas


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  1. Mark Desmarais says:

    If people are interested, here are some of the games I really liked from the Molyjam:  (All three of these are possibly NSFW, but that’s how it goes.  Use your judgment.)

    Still Life, a lovely game where you play a tear running down a woman’s body.  Very hard, but worth the effort.  

    Friends ‘Till the End, a simple platformer made by Tribute Games (makers of Wizorb).  Control a boy and his toy helicopter.  Heartwarming and horrific. 

    In Arms’ Way was the game I worked on.  It’s a two-player game about a psychotic monster who controls your arms.  And guns at the end of those arms.

  2. Mr. Jan says:

    The Spandex Parable is well worth a play. Good game play, great script plus the added bonus of my vocal stylings!

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