Reddit-based PAC takes aim at SOPA-sponsor Lamar Smith


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  1. John Thacker says:

    Beautiful  Thank goodness that the Supreme Court recognizes the importance of shadowy outside groups commenting on issues, no matter how much incumbents hate the idea in the name of “campaign finance reform.”

  2. rightcoast says:

    Mack could prbably beat this SOPA-crafting fool Lamar Smith. He has the tolerance of progressive PACs like this one, and is liked by the libertarians (who, let’s be honest, can be funding *machines*, look at Paul’s “moneybombs”) … This guy could probably do this if people came together and figured he’s better than the alternative instead of the usual “perfect is the enemy of good” both progressives and libertarians are usually known to do. 

  3. Marc Mielke says:

    I’d never heard of this McEnsored guy before. 

  4. hughstimson says:

    I wish I could be excited about the rise of crowd-sourced PACs, but the entire campaign influence system has become a smoking disaster and heralds the the downfall of the American democracy.

    • decius says:

      TestPAC is a true grass roots organization that has formed to get the word out that a vote for Lamar Smith is a vote for total Internet surveillance and censorship. People who are concerned about those things have a right to express those concerns to the general public. Since the early days of this republic, getting the word out has often involved paying to print pamphlets or flyers – think “Common Sense.” In this case its web sites and billboards.

      Campaign finance presents challenging problems but the activity TestPAC is engaged in seems a vital part of the democratic process. The right solution should make room for this. 

  5. The internet sets out to make an example of the man who spawned SOPA. I wholly endorse this.

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