Saving the whales? Now there's an app for that, too.


5 Responses to “Saving the whales? Now there's an app for that, too.”

  1. Arthur Delaney says:

    If the whale’s have names it would sure be nice if the app could show the name…at least for whale’s that have been tagged. I imagine if I were a ship captain and I saw that I was about to run into a whale named, say, Eustace and that if I did there would no longer be a whale named Eustace and whoever named him Eustace would find out that Eustace was no more….I’d probably be more likely to take inconvenient steps to avoid poor Eustace.

  2. Nora Sawyer says:

    OMG. Between this and the Marine Traffic app, my ferry ride to work just got five billion times more exciting.

  3. ahecht says:

    For those of us without iPads, you can get the Whale Detection Buoy data from

  4. whizse says:

    I’ll hold out for the “Whales Around Me” app.

  5. Dan B says:

    For people who  aren’t usually at sea but like whales and want to help marine researchers, check out  It’s a citizen science initiative in which you get to listen to recordings of whale songs and help researchers categorize them by similarity.

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