Yes Tool: copper demolition axe

Homeland Security Equipment is one of those blandly-named and blandly-designed sites that contains unexpected delights, such as the wicked Yes Tool, a demolition axe made entirely of copper. It even has the de riguer bottle opener, so you can drink the flat, sun-skunked beer of the apocalypse. [Thanks, Tim!] Previously: The Annihilator


  1. Your title is off. It says “pure copper” which I  would think would be way too soft for something like that. The link says it is high strength beryllium copper.

    1. Beryllium copper is great stuff, fabulously strong and springy, but beware of machining it or otherwise generating dust, e.g. sharpening it. It causes first beryllium hypersensitivity  then berylliosis which is in many ways worse than the effects of working with asbestos. Lung granulomas, fever,  joint aches, chronic shortness of breath; it can occur after a single exposure and may take years to develop.

      Tiny amounts of inhaled beryllium can cause it: “A study found 1% of people living within 3/4 of a mile of a beryllium plant in Lorain, Ohio, had berylliosis after exposure to concentrations estimated to be less than 1 milligram per cubic metre of air.”
      The OSHA limit is 500 times lower, 2 micrograms per m^3, NIOSH recommends less than 0.5 micrograms/m^3.

        1.  Providing you never wanted to sharpen it, or use it in any way that would scratch through the anodic layer, yes you could.

    1. Given the increasing number of electric and hybrid cars on the market, i think I’d go for something with an insulated handle too!
      Seriously, though – it’s a real concern for first responders and others at crash incidents. You really wouldn’t want to cut through an A, B, or C post with a bundle of live wiring running through it. Even if you don’t get zapped yourself, it could trigger an airbag, a fuel vapor explosion or something else even nastier than the accident itself.
      Be careful!

      1. Although you are quite correct, it’s worth noting that a metal tank full of gasoline vapor is far more dangerous than the high voltage lines in a Prius (which are heavily insulated in bright safety orange, BTW).

        Even Plasma Boy’s eponymous disaster was far less dangerous than a tank of gasoline going off.  He walked away from the plasma arc with only skin burns.

    2.  In the rocket motor factory we used bronze, not copper.  We had nearly every tool you can imagine in bronze.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if Red Adair’s company really did issue bronze tools, especially hammers and axes. Its pretty hard to strike a spark with bronze.

      My grandfather worked at a cracking plant back in the forties and fifties. He “acquired” quite a few bronze hammers over the years.

  2. Marvelous site. My favorite so far: the “Multi-Function Rescue Shears”. Basically a big pair of scissors with unusual extra features like the “oxygen bottle opener” (which, if I’m not mistaken can also be used to crack walnuts, in a pinch. It’s a bit hard to tell which bit opens the oxygen bottle). 

    What are you go do when disaster strikes? Run for the scissors of course! 

    1. Thor Hammer Company Limited.
      Manufacturer of the world’s largest range of non damaging soft hammers & mallets

      Name fail.  I’m sorry but Mjolnir is anything but non-damaging.

    1.  They sell those same colored, Sporks at Walmart, for the same price. I bought a few to keep in my desk at the office. They are a bit heavier and thicker than regular Sporks, and worked OK. I used them until my Wife bought me a Titanium one. I keep that one on my key chain.

  3. I like the 6 piece  ampco tool kit for the low low price of $ 306.95 – that works out to $51.00 a tool . so $51.00 each for 2 screwdrivers , adjustable open end wrench,10 inch groove joint pliers,6.5 combination pliers and lastly the most important Apocalypse tool the crate opener…….  at  Harbor Freight you would only pay about $12.00 for all six,  but hey who needs money in the apocalypse……

    1.  Harbor Freight rules  :) 

      I recently discovered their new retail outlet near my home!  I thought I was looking at Xanadu.

      1. Great store for  cheap tools !   I used to be a die hard craftsman tool lemming – until I realized the quality had gone sharply down hill. I expect a #2 screwdriver to last more than a year and if you like to scavenge garage sales , flea markets etc, occasionally you can still find good quality craftsman tools – but since almost every tool on the market is made in CHINA  anyway – I’ll stick to my harbor freight – especially if it’s a tool I may use only a few times

        1.  Precisely right!!!  And Harbor Freight sells tools (like drill presses) that are still made of iron and steel like the ‘ol days.  Companies such as Delta, etc,  started “value engineering”  their power tools years ago and are now mostly made of plastic- save for the most critical components.

  4. Copper?  People are already breaking into abandoned homes to strip out copper piping, etc.  In the coming zombie apocalypse, copper will be worth more than gold.

    1.  Naah, there will be plenty of copper and little to use it for.  What use is an electrical conductor if there’s no power to conduct??

  5. For the most part, this site distresses me – admittedly in large part because of the Homeland Security association (it might be better as Apocalypse Survival Depot…). Anyway, I can’t help flipping through their catalog. I’m a particular fan of the ridiculousness of the “56 Serving Grab and Go Bucket” and the elegantly plated outdoor meals. 

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