Brian Wood's DMZ, vol 11: a long tale nears its worthy conclusion


2 Responses to “Brian Wood's DMZ, vol 11: a long tale nears its worthy conclusion”

  1. sabeke says:

    Wood’s DMZ is awesome.  I’ve been a faithful reader since you recommended Vol. 1–thanks Cory.

    The scary/sad thing is that the U.S. has edged closer not further to Wood’s vision since Vol. 1 came out back in 2006.

  2. Thad Boyd says:

    I quit reading the series somewhere around #50 — while I appreciate Wood’s willingness to take a risk and turn Matty into a fairly unlikable character, it made the book harder for me to enjoy, and even as the situation on the ground kept changing it felt like he was still spinning the same wheels.

    I still definitely consider myself a Brian Wood fan, and I’m quite enjoying his Conan (with artist Becky Cloonan, which gives me the opportunity to use the phrase “Cloonan Conan”) so far.

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