Flaming muscle-car stroller

Kaiser21 and child show off this flaming tailfined auto-stroller at the 2010 June 5 Monthly Muscle Car Show in Plano, TX. Papa Kaiser notes, "This little stroller won first place in the Open Car class. It has air-ride, lights under the car, and even fire out of the tailpipes!"

Brady Cash Custom Cadillac Baby Stroller (via DVICE)


  1. There’s probably some miniscule risk associated with babies and open flames.  I’m glad they chose to accept those risks and just make the world that much more wonderful.

    1.  Uh, close, but not quite. I have seen, even touched the Batmobile and also said “Howdie” to Adam West. We here in Austin, TX party at the drop of a hat and since we know have the world’s largest urban bat colony we have no compunction about closing the bridge they live under just so we can set up day-long noise fests on top of said bridge. We know how to have fun. Hell, we grew Bruce Sterling here.

  2. Knowing what evil lurks in the hearts of diapers, this brings a new definition of “riding dirty”.

  3. Not REALLY a “flame-thrower” though. Nice to see a bit of fun and , excuse the pun, flair. Guess Neurotics Anonymous will be all a-quiver and reaching for the panic-buttons…Someone could lose an eye!

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