Flaming muscle-car stroller


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  1. Cunning says:

    There’s probably some miniscule risk associated with babies and open flames.  I’m glad they chose to accept those risks and just make the world that much more wonderful.

  2. This is a prototype for the upcoming Batmobile version, yes? 

    • B E Pratt says:

       Uh, close, but not quite. I have seen, even touched the Batmobile and also said “Howdie” to Adam West. We here in Austin, TX party at the drop of a hat and since we know have the world’s largest urban bat colony we have no compunction about closing the bridge they live under just so we can set up day-long noise fests on top of said bridge. We know how to have fun. Hell, we grew Bruce Sterling here.

  3. Maraca_Kabob says:

    Twin Flame Throwers on a baby stroller, what could possibly go wrong with that?

  4. Mister44 says:

    Knowing what evil lurks in the hearts of diapers, this brings a new definition of “riding dirty”.

  5. BijouxBoy says:

    Not REALLY a “flame-thrower” though. Nice to see a bit of fun and , excuse the pun, flair. Guess Neurotics Anonymous will be all a-quiver and reaching for the panic-buttons…Someone could lose an eye!

  6. crummett says:

    That kid needs a little pack of candy cigarettes roles up in his sleeve.

  7. Thorzdad says:

    A tailfinned Caddie is not a musclecar, no matter how many flamethrowers it has.

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