Infringe-a-licious Tokyo tee: best Star Wars shirt ever?

Writer and comics creator Brian Michael Bendis (Twitter) is in Tokyo, and tweeted a series of infringment-spotting snapshots today. The Stormtrooper/Star Wars shirt he found and photographed, above, makes me weep with desire.


  1. I think we have a touchstone here, a starwars fandom schism

    Soon, the 501st will not be the only cosplay stormtrooper corps, another unit will form around the sentiment expressed above.

  2. I can only voice my best ‘ootineee!’ or perhaps a Sand Person ‘Ooahggh hurrrkkkhuuurrrkk!’ as a gesture of support for this…

    1. I’m assuming it’s the same shop in Harajuku. I wish they’d had that size. The biggest they had was XL which is closer to an American M/L. If they’d had a size to fit me I’d have bought them out and made a killing in the US. I had to buy a XXXL in Tsukiji to fit my XL size person.

  3. double infringement! The storm trooper is from an image of a cosplalyer posing like that in his apartment. I know because I swiped the image to make a spray paint stencil. if there is interest, I can upload a copy of my AI file, or make a PDF for upload

  4. My son bought this exact shirt design when we were in Harajuku in October. He gets many comments on it when he wears it in public. I wished they’d had a size to fit me. Sadly Japan doesn’t seem to have much in the way of fashion to fit a 6’2″ man.

  5. Wow, I finally stopped convulsing from laughter, still wiping the tears from my eyes though.
    I still don’t know where my oxygen canula went – laughed it right out of my nose!

  6. I swear I can hear Meco’s disco “Star Wars / Cantina Theme” playing in the background.

  7.  Do you have to have a twitter account to see these?  Not having any luck.

    …and I agree with Mike, above – the “lovers” is an essential part of the charm.

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