Well-dressed children


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  1. bcsizemo says:

    The Tiny Joker seems to be unleashing some laughing gas…

  2. chellberty says:

    you try google’s search by image?

  3. alibird says:

    hip must equal little boys, 17 out of 19 photos…hmm…

  4. says:

    See also: http://childrenwithswag.tumblr.com/

  5. SedanChair says:

    There’s got to be a name for sites like that: pop-up directed crude dumps of unsourced images, photoshopped women with an arrow pointing at their butt, etc. I always feel like I’ve taken a left turn into trashland when I find myself there.

  6. satn says:

    voltron girl has the best parents.

  7. EvilTerran says:

    I’m seeing a lot of children-as-fashion-accessories in that list. Should condition them nicely for a lifetime of conspicuous consumption.

  8. Phil Fot says:

    SoCal or AZ or Hawaii

    Judging by people dressed for halloween and the palm tree in a parking lot.

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