Baraklava Obama

Boing Boing pal Joe Sabia, a storyteller and video director who collaborates with us to produce Boing Boing's in-flight TV channel on Virgin America, sends this snapshot from Istanbul. He's in Turkey for an international storyteller's convention.

"While visiting a hip Baklava spot in Istanbul," says Joe, "This chef proudly walked out exhibiting his political creation: Barack Obama made completely from baklava."

As an aside: looks like the chef used the same Associated Press photo as reference material that got Shepard Fairey in so much trouble. Can you barter for photo licensing with tasty sweets?


    1.  The one where he was Rey Mysterio Jr without his luchadore mask and weird contact lenses.

  1. Baklava coppyright infringement?

    can I have it with ice cream?

    bonus netdollar to the first “baklava” poster

    1. Looks like Bush Jr to me, he’s even got the jug ears.
      I’ll never forget the phrase Uncut Magazine once used to describe Bush:  “That jug-eared goon squatting in the White House”.

  2. Is that dude holding the baklava smiling or sneering? Or doing a Mona Lisa lip curl?

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