Brass porthole cover for a laundry chute


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  1. mobobo says:


  2. Ambiguity says:

    Very cool, but I would so stub my toe on this three times a week!

  3. robotnik says:

    Suit! HA! (Actually, most suits are dry-clean only.)

  4. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    Just checked on ebay, and there are plenty of these to be had, quite affordably.  Now, how to rig up a whites/colours/delicates sorting mechanism?

  5. Hanglyman says:

    “My laundry chute porthole was featured in the Los Angeles Times twice last year alone.”

    It’s a cool idea and all, but… what? What?? Which of her friends goes to her house, says, “Hey, that laundry chute porthole is really awesome!”… and then informs the press? Twice?

  6. robotnik says:

    Christ, what a brasshole?

  7. franko says:

    for some reason, before i clicked the link, i thought the porthole was going to be in a wall — but in the FLOOR? yeah, i’d trip over that constantly.

  8. terrycarroll says:

    Years ago I put in a brass porthole in my backdoor as a cat hatch. An image can be found here:

    • Tim H says:

      That’s in bad taste from the cat’s perspective, being that it’ll have to dog the hatch when the weather starts to blow.  Dog, get it?

  9. jwkrk says:

    I wanted to put in a floor laundry chute during some renovations, turned out it was a safety violation (holes in floor and all that, even with a cover)…

  10. robotmonkeys says:

    Best use of a porthole since my dad installed one in my room as a wall safe when I was 10.

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