Buford, Wyoming sold for $900,000

 Wp-Content Uploads 2012 03 Buford

Last month, I posted that the town of Buford, Wyoming was up for auction. It sold yesterday for $900,000 to two men from Vietnam whose identities and rationale have not been revealed as of yet. "Buford, Wyo., population 1, sold for $900,000 to two Vietnamese businessmen"


  1. One strategic hamlet at a time…soon America will fall into our hands like an overripe durian!

  2. I was THERE when President Ford surrendered to Ho Chi Minh in ’75, man! And D.C. became New Ho Chi Minh City!

    And spring rolls in duck sauce became the national food. It was totally worth it.

    1. Soon to be 300000 with municipal employment initiative and foreign sponsor ships. Bring your families to work at Vietnamerica and live the dream. 

  3. Well, I for one salute our new and hopefully benevolent Vietnamese rulers within the jurisdiction of Buford! 

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