World's most distracted driver?


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  1. suburbanhick says:

    Poster child for ‘No Cure for Stupid’!

  2. Matt Toler says:

    I’ll see your free-crawling children and raise you a Rob Liefeld inking a comic page while driving:

  3. Was all set to just have an enjoyable rage out at an idiot driver, but got distracted by the politics. Always good to see the baby farming skank trope is still dragged out regularly. Explain to me why the “scantily clad” comment was remotely necessary? Or how many kids she has? OOOOOH that’s right – have to add slutty brood sow to the list of offenses to really make sure we know how worthless she is. wtf >_<

    • Robert says:

      I know, right? Correlation is not causation!

    • marilove says:

      The Consumerist has a post with misogyny?  Well, I never!  Don’t even attempt to read the comments; I’m sure it’s there, too.  I stopped reading The Consumerist a long time ago because of that crap.

      • travtastic says:

         You’re missing out. You can set your watch with the first comment on every article: “Derrrp why is this on The Consumerist?”

  4. Christopher says:

    This reminds me of the time I started getting text messages from someone who obviously had the wrong number. I tried calling the person to tell them they had the wrong number and I started getting texts that said, “QUIT CALLING I CANT TALK IM DRIVING”.

    She couldn’t talk on the phone while driving but she could text. And argue. When I sent her a text that said “WRONG NUMBER”  she sent a lengthy reply about how she knew her friend hadn’t changed her number so I was the one who was mistaken. I didn’t make any further effort because I was afraid of indirectly putting other people in danger.

  5. andrewbaron says:

    They tried really hard to make a video story out of this headline, but besides repeating the headline, and then creating a visual story to explain the headline again, and then going on more to reiterate the headline, not sure why the video was so long. Not much else going on besides the headline.

  6. Tyler Riddle says:

    She was actually doing all of us a favor as she was very successfully going to perform her own survival of the fittest experiment involving her children. It’s too bad it was ended prematurely because 18 years later this shit will be happening again times 3. 

    • travtastic says:

      I’m sure that there’s some way to read this without getting a strong vibe of misogyny and racism, but I’m not seeing it.

  7. pebird says:

    It should be illegal for anyone to drive with an child passenger on the 405.

  8. Maj Variola says:

    While its great that this scum is trying to remove her own genes from the pool, she’s driving on a public road and could harm the rest of us.

    Not funny.  

    • Tyler Riddle says:

      If she hit you and you are wearing your seat belt you’re car will be transformed into a twisted piece of useless sheet metal but you will most probably come out unscathed. Her car will be transformed into a twisted piece of sheet metal and inside the cab her children would become a blender mixing the insides up nicely. 

      So yes, she could possibly harm you, but not any more than the rest of the collection of assholes tailgating each other on the freeway constantly. 

  9. peted66616 says:

    Sadly, this is far from the worst example of distracted driving. As awful as this lady is, she’s not even in the running for “most distracted driver”.

    And it will continue to be this way until as a nation we get serious about driver responsibility. Today, a driver can kill a person through their recklessness and get away scot-free with a $40 traffic ticket.

    Penalties need to match those that exist for the same outcomes for non-driving offenses, and we need to treat driving like the privilege it is, rather than as an “unalienable right” as we do now. Much more intensive driver training, both initial and recurrent, as well as stepping up enforcement and penalties (including taking away privileges for multiple violations, for greater lengths of time and for fewer violations than is the standard today).

    (Bonus side-effect: by taking driving seriously, we would eliminate a significant portion of the motorists on the road, solving congestion problems in major cities without laying a single mile of new pavement).

    People laugh at a person like the one in this article, or even call her out for being worse than average, but the fact is even the average driver is pretty damn irresponsible and poorly trained. Drunk driving is awful, but it’s shocking that about half of the deaths each year are caused by drivers who are stone-sober.

    • Eric Rucker says:

      Unfortunately, the US is built around being able to easily transport yourself.

      My solution is to add lower classes of driver’s license with maximum curb weights, and making the current driver’s license nearly as strict as a CDL.

      So, you’d have a class that’s moderately strict that would give you Geo Metros, and then you’d have a class that’s the current lax standards that would give you European quadricycles (speed limited to 50 mph, power limited to around 20 hp, weight limited to around 800 lbs). Maybe no license would get you a light quadricycle (speed limited to about 30 mph, power limited to about 6 hp, weight limited to around 350 lbs), so you could still get to work even without a license, but a crash == you die.

  10. Dingos says:

    This is the god’s honest truth.  I was driving south from Temecula to San Diego one afternoon and passed a guy who was in the leftmost lane, going about 45 mph, with his feet propped up on the dash, a newspaper across the stearing wheel and strumming a guitar.  No kidding….

  11. This driver should be advised not use MailBait – that’d be the last straw for her hectic life!

  12. Simeon Weinraub says:

    I have seen a guy swerving in his lane on the 405, smoking meth (I assume) He had a  lighter in one hand, a piece of aluminum foil in the other, a glass tube in his mouth, and he was steering his BMW with his knees. 

  13. lecti says:

    Apparently, this type of people think it is their privilege to talk on the phone while driving.  One time, I was honked and cussed out for slowing in front of a car because she didn’t notice me turn on the blinkers to park while she was talking on the phone.  

    Another time, a lady with a child in the back was driving 1-2 mph on the freeway offramp while talking on the phone, so I honked to get attention and passed her.  She followed me to the supermarket parking lot, noted my licence plate, and called the police and I got a nice visit from an officer at home (who was nice to me, btw).   It’s incredible.

    • marilove says:

      You HONKED and someone called the police on you?!  What the hell, man.  WHAT THE HELL.

      • lecti says:

        She didn’t like being honked and being passed.  The officer said she was a professor and wanted to know if I was a student (to that I wondered, so what’s she going to do if I was?).  I guess there’s all kinds of bullies in this world.

  14. Bicycle commuting in Melbourne I see things as bad as this almost every day. One guy went out of his way to overtake me on the wrong side while typing furiously on a laptop and then sat still in a right turn lane blocking me and other vehicles for the next five minutes still typing.

  15. Aaron Williard says:

    Distracted driving is messed up. We all recognize that.

    But how about the “scantily clad” bit from the newscasters?  What this lady wears in pictures she puts on facebook has absolutely nothing to do with how she drives. An obvious and despicable use of slut-shaming.

  16. suburbanhick says:

    This reminds me of a story the news channel I used to work at covered years ago: A French woman flies to Canada to retrieve the daughter her ex-husband had abducted months earlier and disappeared with. He was only caught because a cop passing him on the highway happened to spot the little girl laying on the back window sill of the car. He must not have known about the seatbelt law, fortunately!

  17. angryhippo says:

    The best (and by “best” I mean “WTF?”) part of this was the footage of her court appearance where she appeared to be incredulous that she was in trouble. Either that or she’s just perpetually confused.

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