Lana Del Rey Dancing (a tumblog of greatness)

Link. Pairs well with this video. (thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. I don’t get it. It was a downbeat song. What was she supposed to do? Go all Britney on the stage?

      1.  I’m so unbelievably old that a sample-and-stitch teenager who wore a Catholic schoolgirl outfit to titillate dirty old men during my early twenties is now an “influence”.

        Kill me.

  2. Lana Del Who?

    Seriously, though; there seem to be a lot of people (I’m looking at you T “A Thinner Adele” Magazine) who want this woman to be way more famous than she is.

    1. Yeah I never got it either, she was hyped on a bunch of blogs (GvB, etc) and each time I tried listening to her songs I’m like “hmmm…. what?” It only got worse when people tried explaining why she was so noteworthy. “Ahhhh, her voice is so unique!” or ” Oooo, her hair is brown.” Some one is selling, I’m not buying.

      1. In my internet fora it’s been how she’s such a ‘phoney’.

        My mom heard one of her song and thought it was nice so I gave her the cd :

  3. FYI, the guy behind the Lana Del Duck video is Yves Bigerel AKA Balak, the animator and comic book artist who’s leading the revolution in Digital comics.
    He even gave Mark Waid the inspiration to create Marvel’s Infinity comics and have been called a genius by Scott Mc Cloud several times.
    He is also a notorious breastman and quite a loony, as you can see on his blog :

  4. Lana Del Rey is like that time Paris Hilton tried to launch a singing career crossed with that period Cat Power would break down crying on stage multiplied by plastic surgery divided by nepotism. But hey Video Games sounds alright with your eyes closed.

  5. She’s the most deserving case of superstellardom I’ve seen in a while, her own work is wayyy better and wittier than the barbs of her haters (so far at least). The best piss-taker of Lana del Rey is … the girl herself. Listen to the lyrics.

  6. The person who did the duck video is more deserving of ridicule than Lana is. Even if she was a terrible singer (which I don’t think she is although people’s tastes in such matter will always vary), there’s no comparison between that and behaving like a complete douche.

    1. I’m afraid that listening to duck noises is an occupational hazard of having a quarter cup of collagen shot into your lips and making a video.

      1. Rule number one of the bully is to blame the person being attacked. They deserve to be a target because they are different/fat/ugly/attractive/gay/whatever. 

        1. They deserve to be a target because they are different/fat/ugly/attractive/gay/whatever have a sense of humor.

    2. I don’t know that there was any ill-intent there. I don’t like the song (and the video just makes it worse) but I could understand what she was saying. I mean, I wish I couldn’t understand the lyrics, because they’re pretty bad. 

      The duck video is just a simple joke. It’s playing on the fake-seriousness of the song and the slow melodramatic start… when the donald duck noises started I LOL’d because it’s completely unexpected.

  7. from a technical standpoint, i wish that animated gif didnt have the skip/jump in it. Seems easy to fix. you’d just adjust the vertical slightly all along till the first frame is approximately lines up with the last.

  8. That video is mean. Now I’m trying to decide if, because she pumps up her lips, she deserves it.

    1. If nobody ever makes fun of you, you have to be phenomenally dull. I just assume that people laugh at me and refuse to worry about it. It’s part of life.

  9. Now, after having watched the duck-vid, I’m baffled that : Unfortunately, this UMG music-content is not available in Germany, because GEMA has not granted the respective music publishing rights.

  10. How exactly is this news again? Sometimes I’m a bit slow and forget how Idol-wanna-be singers who look good but don’t quite have anything special are  news? (Well unless you’re a hotel bazzilionaire, THEN I can tolerate it as news). Right.

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