Playing a delightful tune on teacups

There's not much detail in the description for this video, but the performance speaks for itself.

The Professional Tea Boy (Thanks, myiosprinter!)


  1. I so admire manual dexterity and visual flair.  Imagine how many teas he’s served to become that practiced at fooling around with it.
    Let’s not forget the other tea dude.

  2. one of my favorite youtube genres… virtuoso street vendors and buskers especially from FAR OFF EXOTIC LANDS. 

  3. Hey buddy, here’s five bucks, gimmie a fresh batch so I don’t have to drink the tea your hands just splish-splashed around in for 2 minutes

  4. He’s tap dancing with his hands! – the lengths human beings go to amuse themselves! You probably wouldn’t want to do this with plates full of mashed potatoes and gravy – very nice!

  5. What.  What was that he was doing? What is the purpose of the bowl?  I feel like there was too much cross-contamination to drink the tea.   Also, I can’t imagine how many times he’s had to have done this to perfect his routine.  He looked like he was having fun.

  6. “Tea boy”? This is the 21st century where a man is a man, period.  How Victorian/Colonial can you get?

    1. “The future is here now. It’s just unequally distributed.” To insist that Iraqis (and all South Asians) are wrong in calling him a Tea Boy is cultural colonialism. Their “Now” may look like your Victorian past, but it’s still theirs, not yours.

  7. Or…how to make a repetitive (and perhaps boring) job more interesting.
    I do that all the time…but certainly without so much flair.

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