Giant peep cake


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  1. solstone says:

    Well, it looks like your sister made some kind of dolphin, but otherwise… 

  2. Cowicide says:

    Peeps of cake.

  3. Rider says:

    I personally would have let everyone marvel at my Dolphin Cake making skills.

  4. PhosPhorious says:

    It looks like the retinal after image of the peeps cake.

    How does it taste?

  5. chellberty says:

    She thought you wanted a Tweet Cake.

  6. JProffitt71 says:

    I see a narwhal, which is arguably better.

  7. brontotoronto says:

    Looks like a mutated smurf without hat cake

  8. helleman says:

    its perfect.   an amazing  likeness of the twitter fail whale.

  9. I’m seein double here!  Four Krusty’s!

  10. Lithi says:

    Cakewrecks, here we come! 

  11. teufelsdrochk says:

    Congrats on modelling your beautiful sea hare!

  12. FQMiami says:

    I love the new line of Peeps marshmallow porpoises.

  13. lsamsa says:

    I’m sure it tasted delicious!@PhosPhorious:disqus 
    I’m also sure that your sister is much more adventurous in the kitchen than I.
    Love the blue.

  14. It really does look like a dolphin Peep, if there was a dolphin Peep. There is now. Maybe for Dolphin Day?

  15. JoJoRight says:

    It looks like TV’s ‘Flipper.’

  16. awjt says:

    It’s lovely!  Did you stick it in the microwave and watch it splode?

  17. dr says:

    Mark, I think your sister should be complimented, not only for making a lovely and probably delicious cake but also for being a good sport about you ribbing her here in public.

  18. Kayla says:

    Maybe you should have a peek cake making competition? As you didn’t post it, found the recipe here:

  19. Peter James says:

    Cool, I saw a write-up about this recipe on Instructables as well:

  20. Jim Simonson says:

    We enjoyed one as well, with chocolate cake! Apparently the photo didn’t upload. Hmmm.

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