Google Chat emoticon Easter egg

In this video, Videocrab demonstrates a very odd typographical Easter-egg embedded in Google Chat. I have no idea if this is real or shooped, but it's cute nevertheless.

2012-04-06_21-10-36_872 (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


    1. There’s a Unicode Japanese ogre face and Japanese goblin : 1f479 and 1f47a.

      1f5ff is a moai (Easter island head). Perhaps other suggestions could be forthcoming.

  1. The chat emoticons have always done this for me. Not just on the :D one either. They’re usually a lot faster turning though.

    1. Same here. It’s done that for as long as I’ve been using gChat, on both Firefox and Chrome. As for why it’s turning so slowly, my guess is either a Javascript bug or a low memory issue.

      1. Mine turn slow all the time. You can actually choose your set of emoticons, too, iirc. I think mine change into little drawings of smiley faces.

  2. No disrespect intended, but this feature has been around for me since Google Talk was introduced.

  3. I thought maybe the videographer slowed the footage down to suit the ominous music, but the speed of the flashing icon seems to counter that.  So, I guess the music signifies the mounting tension of waiting for a compromised CPU to perform supposedly simple tasks–the rotating D, analogous to the feeling one has of wanting to twist one’s own head off when a web page seems to take forever to finish loading!

    Incidentally, after watching this, I fired off a few Gchat emoticons to my wife, beside me here.  Both :D and :) turn into the same face on her laptop, but only :) converts on her Android phone (to a different Android-esque smiley face), while the :D stays the same.  Meanwhile, a :( becomes a frown on the laptop but not the phone, while a o_O remains unchanged on the laptop, yet turns to a perplexed Androidicon on the phone.

    That’s as far as the experiment got.

  4. the “slow turn” happens when you “pop out” the goog-chat window.
    I wouldn’t call it an easter egg. a rendering bug, certainly.

    1. It’s an outrage that there is no standard universal unicode poop symbol, it would improve the standard of discourse on the internets immensely.

      Emoji has a cute happy poop at least.

  5. Cory Doctorow, keep up at the back there!

    Wow. I’ve always wanted to say that.

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