Sight-gag book-ends

Knob Creek Metal Arts makes clever sight-gag book-ends and sells them on Etsy in a variety of finishes. The seller adds, "Keep in mind that I can customize anything seen here and am always open to creating custom items just for you."

KnobCreekMetalArts (via Colossal)


  1. What I would dig is a Portal-themed set (one blue side, one orange side, person going through).

        1.  No problem, he said:
          “Keep in mind that I can customize anything seen here and am always open to creating custom items just for you.” 

    1. *insert smartass comment questioning how you gained your knowledge of glory holes here*

      1. I accidentally went into the middle stall and tripped over something I thought was a python.

      1. Ah, doing your bit to make women feel uncomfortable and like second class citizens on the internet, eh?  Because how could our feeling creeped out possibly matter? And why settle for simply undermining us when you can amplify our sense of discomfort?


    1. No, that was my first thought too. Mind you, those happen to be the examples featured on BB and there are plenty in this artists line that aren’t like that. 

  2. The first one is stronger, design wise than the second. The implication of the chainsaw penetrating the books is fun, even if the woman as victim thing is icky. But you know, it’s just the thing for a apartment decor for a male cluster B livin’ the swinging single life. And you just know how those abusers like to give clues to what they are about. Think of this particular set of bookends as a handy signaling device.

    The designs are attractive. The elephants are especially cute. But other than this chainsaw, the whole idea of the space that is the books themselves hasn’t been utilized as cleverly as it might. I’m thinking a Pyramus & Thisbee set (books as wall), or one with Hans Brinker on one side and an underwater scene on the other (books as dike) or things of that sort.

    And instead of a psychopath trying to chop up a victim, how about a pair of lumberjacks/jills using a double-handled saw to cut down a tree (the books)?

    1. I think that he may just be trying to destroy Best Loved Poems of the American People, which seems like a noble effort.

      1. It took me a day to get that. Gah! (In my defense, I was trying to cut out caffeine and had no coffee yesterday. This morning I came to my senses and had a cup. Now my brain is working again). 

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