Army of Lucky Cats

Boris Petrovsky writes: "The Maneki Neko (jap., literally Beckoning Cat; aka Lucky Cat, Money Cat) is a common Japanese figurine which is believed to bring luck, attract customers and bring prosperity. The Lucky Cat waves with the raised left paw and holds a historic coin in front of itself with the right one. The Lucky Cat as talisman and selling product is wide-spread in Asia and meanwhile almost all over the world."

The video of Boris's installation was shot and edited by Nina Martens; view it at Vimeo [via Creative Applications]


  1. I can’t believe it took the editor three minutes to pick a shot that shows the display in its entirety.

  2. Also the name of a damn fine Bruce Sterling short story. In it, members of a AI-mediated social network / bartering system recognize each other by giving a little cat-wave.

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