Dan Clowes Modern Cartoonist interview


8 Responses to “Dan Clowes Modern Cartoonist interview”

  1. Little John says:

    Who is Dan Clowes? I’ve never heard of him. What work has he done? Does he have a book out? Etc.


  2. disky00 says:

    He’s like a bald, sardonic Mr. Rogers.

  3. Jon Bakos says:

    It has now been five days since his new book was released.  It has now been six days since his new book was released.  It has now…

  4. 666beast1 says:

    If you have not read Ice Haven and Death Ray they are two of the best works of fiction I have read.  These stories sit with the best stories by Carver, Ballard and George Saunders to me.

  5. Joshua Green says:

    My favorite Clowes is probably Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron. It has a great David Lynch quality to it where these odd surreal characters are put in a dark, lonely, mysterious context that is completely believable.

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