Hi-rez scans of Easter candy wrappers through the ages

The Flickr stream of Jason Liebig -- previously featured for his sticker and packaging photos -- is a good place to go for some bloated, semi-sickened post-Easter-sweets perusal. His "Easter"-tagged candy wrappers include groovy 1960s Life Savers holiday packaging, 1970s Fuzzy Bunny packaging, and an extraordinary 1978 Rodda Candy Company ad (pictured here). All of them are available at very high rez (the one pictured here can be had at 4962 px wide!). I love Liebig's feed of odd candy packaging and ephemera, and was moved by his "collector heartbreak" story about the troubles of shipping rare old paper through the US mail.

JasonLiebig's photostream / Tags / easter


  1. I’m getting a simultaneous sugar rush and crash just by looking at the damned headline picture.

    For the record, I remember the 12/1 Bunnies box, from so many Sundays ago…

  2. How exactly are they profitable? This is just my own personal taste but I find those things so utterly vile that I can only imagine a mad scientist concocting these things with the following written on a blackboard:

    Step 1: Make horrendous cute looking candy that people will only buy once a year.
    Step 2:
    Step 3: PROFIT!

  3. I keep hearing about these “peeps” on the internets, but have never seen them in real life. Will stick to chocolate.

    1. Check any grocery store or pharmacy in the US, they’ll have pallet-loads of them selling two three-packs for a buck.  The marshmallow Peeps actually sell better than the chocolate rabbits which also are being sold right off the pallet in the clearance areas and isle end-caps. The problem with the chocolate bunnies is that there’s no good way to eat it without breaking it.

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