Hordes of expressive little folks doing stuff in postwar booze ads


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  1. KaiBeezy says:

    could CB be none other than
    Chesley Bonestell?
    early in his career
    he was an architect and architectural illustrator
    the style is not that far off
    and he made his breakthrough into space paintings
    right at the end of wwii
    will investigate further

    • oldtaku says:

       I’ve never seen his name associated with advertising, but these Calvert Reserve ads used to run as the back cover of some of the SciFi mags like Thrilling Wonder Stories. Searching brings up THRILLING WONDER STORIES AUGUST 1949 VOL. XXXIV NO. 3 for example.

  2. KaiBeezy says:

    bingo maybe
    found a painting signed “CB”
    any graphologists in the house?

  3. Guest says:

    looks like a gold-selling Sims expansion pack to me.

  4. turtlecrk says:

    That’s an interesting house!  It appears to have a ballroom, a two-car garage, maybe a kitchen, and not much else…

  5. KaiBeezy says:

    cory, you’ve got to have a look at
    mr. smith goes to venus
    cocktails on the space terrace
    fancy hats on a spaceliner
    visit venopolis
    in the year 2500
    high res scans
    apparently bonestell did the artwork for
    mr. smith goes to *washington*
    might have to watch that one again

  6. Elliot says:

    My great grandfather was an illustrator for many magazines. His initials were “BC” for Bradshaw Crandell. He did work for Lord Calvert (same brand as Calvert) “Over the years [the Calvert Label] sold as Lord Calvert, Calvert Special, Calvert Reserve, Calvert Extra, and a 100% Canadian version called Lord Calvert Canadian.” At the bottom of this page, 
    http://www.americanartarchives.com/crandell,bradshaw.htm, you can see the add. Hope this helps.   

  7. Diogenes says:

    That’s Thomas “CB” Kinkade, painting with light again.  (He was into amateur radio when very, very young).

  8. pjcamp says:

    Calvert: the homoerotic whiskey.

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