Dude breaks up fight on NYC subway with bag of chips

[Video Link] SNACKMAN! (thanks, Sean Bonner)


  1. This is the modern-day snack-based version of the fun cliche of the kung-fu monk-type fellow (usually deep into his dotage) who evades the attacks of a much younger, brasher Kung-fu-oso by simply eating a bowl of rice and not being where the fists are.  

  2. Kudos to the guy!  I’m not a big guy myself, and when there’s fights breaking out I find that walking backwards into the ‘tension center’ usually diffuses it. You are not being confrontational, but you’re blocking the way… and their biff is not with you, so they don’t hurt you. They’re usually too busy with each other (or too drunk) to notice that you’re doing it on purpose, and by the time they do, other people have come between them and it escalates down from there. Works every time! :D

    1. Ah, if only Romeo had walked backwards, then maybe Tybalt and Mercutio would still be with us, and for that matter so would Romeo and Juliet.

        1. T: “I am for you.”  (Draws sword)
          R: “Gentle Mercutio, put thy rapier up.”
          M: “Come, sir, your passado.”
          (They fight)
          R: “Benvolio, my ridgèd Ruffles!” 
          (munch munch)
          R: “Gentlemen, for shame! (munch munch)  Forbear this (munch) outrage.”
          T: “What salty temptation is this?  Will you not share?”
          R: “Aye, a bag for both our houses!”
          M: “I’ll wager thou art powerless to consume no more than one!”
          T: “Pax?”
          M: “Pax!”

  3. I’ve used this exact tactic on the subway to disrupt uncivil behavior. It works best if I’ve got my headphones in. Then I just drift like “Captain Clueless” between the warring parties. As seen above, the diversion works wonders.

  4. One of the few scenarios where I wish I had a bigger physical frame.   At 5’6″/150, that crazy would plow right through the protective aura provided by Salty Crisps of Disaffectation +3.

    1. Don’t sell yourself short (LOL). When smaller people Step Up it’s because they are serious ass-kickers, obviously, or they wouldn’t put themselves in danger. I think the real trick is to have your cool face on.

      1. Honestly, if it works for my tiny aged mother it can work for a slender, lighter, man. Also, most of us automatically think shorter men are making up for it somehow with skills and give ya’ll a little space just in case. lol!

        1. To be fair, I think your ‘tiny aged mother’ is much less likely to get shoved out of the way if she intervenes in a fight than an adult-but-not-elderly male of any size.

  5. It’s more ‘Dude with bag of chips breaks up fight on NYC subway’

    I was expecting some sweet (or salty) martial arts moves using the bag of chips itself.

      1. I thought the exact same thing, man offers chips to angry hungry people, but alas it was really a man using his size to block another man from an attack of pathetic proportions.

  6. It wouldn’t surprise me if he did this for a living – like, say, a police officer or an upscale bar bouncer – or maybe a former MP/soldier/marine.

    It’s pretty clear this guy knew what he was doing, and he USED his power of size for good, without abusing it.  Actually, it was masterful – it looks like he gave up his seat just to do this.

    1. I might have thought that if he had killed a few people just standing around just after spooging 10′-effective pepper spray directly down their throats, before water-boarding their corpses while his buddies made thumbs up signs on them for a photo op.

    2. Wouldn’t surprise, but I contend that your projection of a military based background may be naive… or irrelevant. Dude was just a dude.

  7. You know what would be funny if this happens in LA… the dude with bag of chips will be fined $250 for eating in the subway…

    1. If this was L.A. there wouldn’t be enough people riding the subway for this to occur in the first place.

        1. I know, I know—stereotypes. Sure didn’t get a lot of play when I was still living there though.

          1. Recent stats indicate that the Red Line in Los Angeles gets about 170,000 boardings a day.  Seeing as LA has only 1 and 1/2 subway lines (plus four other light rail lines) that compares pretty well to any single subway line in NYC.  Of course NYC has 22 lines in all, so the entire system handles way more people overall.

    2. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!  A fine for eating on the subway…oh, that’s wonderful.  You could eat a seven course meal on the subway in New York and nobody (including the cops) would blink.  We also jaywalk without fear of repurcussions…unless you count the fear of getting run over by a cab going 70 mph.

      1. Nah, they only give out fines for eating on the LA subway once in a blue moon. They much more often give out tickets for riding without paying, because until recently, the LA Metrorail system had no barriers or turnstiles.  Hard to believe, perhaps, but the honor system worked well.  Every time I saw the cops giving out tickets, it was only to two people on a train out of a hundred, the other 98 people had paid the fare.  And the people that didn’t pay were usually snotnosed teenagers.  So, of course, they had to spend like $80 million to install turnstiles, a figure which will probably not be made up in increased revenues for decades.    As a New Yorker, you know that people can (or used to be able to) just vault over the turnstiles and not pay.  Those low barriers are the ones they installed here in LA.  And I remember the “token suckers” in New York also.  My point being that people are creative and can always find a way to cheat the system if they are broke and desperate enough.

  8. While I agree that dude is all dude, I would certainly change the headline to ‘Gentleman‘.  Or ‘Dudely gentleman’.

    1. a wonderful anecdote. Reminds me of a Taoist poem.

      (well the end of the poem, the rest you must find for yourself)

      Heavens ways is to sharpen without cutting
      As the sages way is to act without striving.

  9. Thanks Tracy. This evening I’m here below street level investigating a strange new trend; a meme that has interjected upon subway riders everywhere.
    Eating in the middle of; and thereby disrupting… fights.

  10. Why is there always fighting on transportation?  People are stuck in these situations with the idiots, making it worse.   I was expecting more from the chips than from the guy, was nice of him to intervene before someone got hurt. 

  11. What I find most interesting is that he doesnt see the man as a threat so he turns his back to him, furthering my thought that the woman was in fact the aggressor and the threat.  Boy did he get a heck of a kick in though, one that she repeatedly tried to match just after.

  12. Seems like the guy against the door was following the girl or something? The camera operator says as much too – I have a record of you following her. And then caped crusader comes in to sum it all up! Me thinks chip man is not the only hero here – maybe he and Lady Capelet are a crime-fighting duo!!

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