Giant USA sunglasses

You know what these titanic, $260 map-of-the-continental-USA sunglasses need? An Alaska barrette and a Hawai'i epaulet. Seriously.

(Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


    1. The remedy here seems straight forward to me.  The U.S. must annex Canada from Quebec City to Winnipeg.

  1. This is actually THE ugliest design I have ever seen. There are so many ways this could have been cute, and this is not any one of those.

      1. Sorry, I’m confused.  

        Are you a Pinko Liberal who doesn’t want a GOP America or are you a Wingnut who doesn’t want a Commie America?

  2. The crossed-eye lawsuits will be flying hot and heavy against these things, based on the class action precedent of Carl Reiner et al v. Navin Johnson.

  3. This post is tagged as “weird” but the way the left-eye vision is treated is, to me, rather eerie.

  4. Bay City MI is the inadequate covering for the left pupil.  In other ways, Bay City is perfectly adequate.

  5. Remember the flag-pin controversy of 2008? Soon every would-be politician is going to have to either don a pair of these or have their patriotism publicly called into question.

  6. A Hawaii epaulet would bear an unfortunate resemblance to a shoulderful of bird shit.  Hawaii deserves better, and wisely opted out of this portrait.

  7. I can’t imagine the thought process that came up with such an impractical shape for eyewear, let alone actually manufacturing that monstrosity.

    1. Indeed, this would be funny if it was a one-off joke, but it appears that someone’s serious about it and thinks people might actually buy one, and that’s kind of sad.

      1. Say what? I thought it wasn’t bad as an artistic comment…

        But as an actual pair of sunnies, could they be more retarded?

  8. If you flip it, it covers both eyes. And who the hell says Michigan is up anyway? Flipped would certainly make Florida more interesting.

  9. Crooked, unbalanced and tilted to the right.  Ya know… this is actually a pretty accurate model of the current US. (Still wouldn’t be caught dead wearing those  pieces of junk but to each their own I guess.)

  10. Watch out for Florida — it’ll poke your eye out!  And the corresponding feature on the glasses seems rather dangerous, too.

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