Russian TV news reports on flying girl

From Russian TV news, evidence of a flying girl! "Летающая девочка в лесу."


  1. This is a sign that the transformation that happened at the end of the book Childhood’s End is beginning now. Fear the telepathic babies, fear them, for we are undergoing this transformation without the guidance of the Overlords. 

    1.  1. Nice1 for the “Childhood’s End” tie-in.
      2. Its a fake! There is a strategically placed camera swipe, cut footage, between the time when the lil girl is floating and on ground. Good fake though.

    1. rough translation: guy is walking his Dog (Tarzan) and coincidentally decided to turn on his camera. He was certain that he saw the girl floating in air for several seconds then softly touching down, all this with the oversight of her mother.
      He could not catch up to them and they seemed to have flown off.

  2. Oh what bs, she isn’t flying, just floating a few feet above the ground. That’s easy. Just stand up, believe you can do it, then slowly fall forward.

  3. Everything in me is begging the universe to please, please let this be real. I am so tired of relentless, insufferable reality.

      1. Relentless, insufferable (collective) reality.  There’s PIKALs enough in the hood but my own, individual, flying girls are no longer sufficient to elevate me beyond the chilly humdrum.

        Wanna fake a UFO landing?

        1. Fake?  I’ve got better than that. In July of 2002, I saw real UFO’s over Washington D.C. and NORAD dispatched jets and chased the things only to be dusted by them after they bolted into space.

          I first saw these things myself that night and even called police non-emergency to ask if there was other reports of strange glowing shit flying around in the sky.  The next day I figured it was just some old acid flashbacks or maybe holograms or I dunno… but I did mention it to friends and family.  

          It wasn’t until I later saw the incident reported in the Washington Post who reported scores of other witnesses who saw the same thing (along with NORAD!) that I shat bricks.

          They were not holograms because they showed up on radar.  They moved at speeds that made our fastest jets look like toys.  And, I (among many others throughout D.C.) saw where they went when they were done “playing” with the fighter jets…  they shot all at once into space at speeds that I can only describe as breathtaking.


          (Quotes the Washington Post article)

          The same thing happened exactly 50 years to the DAY previously as well:

          “Reality” is the only word in the language, that should always be used in quotes.

  4. 2 comments. 

    1. She clearly had thrown herself at the ground, was distracted, and therefore missed.
    2. I, for one, _welcome_ our young flying female russian overlords.

  5. What makes me suspicious here – well, other than the whole topic of a flying girl – is the cut from when she’s in the air to on the ground.  

  6. Yeah, it’s pretty obvious the kid is dangling from a wire, and the Blair Witch-o-vision camera work (with extra out-of-focus) isn’t fooling anybody.  

  7. C’mon people it’s NTV (HTB) the most lying and stupid of all major Russian channels. And the guy sounds soooo false. He couldn’t even play that prank normally. And yes, dog’s name is Tarzan.

  8. My daughter loves the local zipline park.  When she asks to go there, her eyes glow and she says “I want to FLY!!”  

  9. Seems pretty obvious to me… her far arm, which you can’t see, is under her coat and pulling up on her pants.

  10. While the hiker’s surprise is understandable and the illusion of flight is certainly humorous, the important thing is that this is, I believe, unique and spectacular footage of one of the most mysterious parts of the cycle of life.

    This is obviously a young mother come to pick her new toddler from the baby tree. It’s difficult to tell from the husk, but it looks like a fine, healthy child. Congratulations, young mother!

  11. I’m shocked, shocked!, at the total lack of concern for the poor traumatised dog. Where is Tarzan now, and is he being helped to deal with this shocking display. His plaintive bark as he discovered the floating child was heart-wrenching!

  12. If I spotted a flying girl, the last thing I would do is turn my camera away from her. Of course, the girl was not flying

  13. That’s a pretty old video and has been around a good few years on the net. The news station is a little behind the times.

  14. Since the fall of the USSR, these Russians have really gone soft.

    In my times, he would have immediately performed a nuclear airstrike against the UFO.

  15. You know, I used to hang my little brother on a tree branch by his coat, too, but I have refrained from the temptation of doing it to my kids. 

  16. This video (the one IN the report) has been around forever. They just got to it now, or is this a repost?

  17. I’m always amazed how sound never seems to travel in videos.  What is he 100ft from where they are?  Maybe 200?  Unless they are right next to a creek/stream/river I have a hard time believing they couldn’t hear his foot steps through the leaves (not to mention that the dog probably barked a couple of times along the way to where the video starts.)  It’d be more creepy to walk out into an opening and have them sitting there just starring at you.

    And if this girl was actually floating where is the rest of the video where mom and daughter made a quick get away (or fly away)?

    1. Are you kidding? The great outdoors sucks up sound. Not only do you not have hard surfaces like walls and ceiling to reflect it back to you, but complex structures like trees and shrubs act like an anechoic chamber.

  18. Nice Viral.  But there is no reason for the guy to have just decided to turn on the video recorder. Totally fake I’m afraid.

  19. I remember this video from years ago, circa 2009:

    Did the Russian news just get around to talking about it?

  20. Not only is this story fake, it’s also old. Like two years ago old. This is why people don’t take the paranormal seriously.

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