Stamped mottoes on old cutlery


7 Responses to “Stamped mottoes on old cutlery”

  1. LX says:

    You don’t spoon with a CEREAL KILLER!

  2. Art says:

    A wee bit heavy on the kerning.

  3. franko says:

    please tell me there’s a spoon that says “SPOOOON!!”

  4. Lemoutan says:

    I hope they avoid seriffic fonts. All those nooks’n’crannies for germs to congregate don’tch’know.

  5. bob spence says:

    I want the “WHO CUT THE CHEESE” knife

  6. Comedian says:

    For obvious reasons reminded me of this Cornell Lunatic cover. (Winter 1989)

  7. digi_owl says:

     Now that was a fun character.

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