TastemakerX: faux stock exchange game for music fans


TastemakerX is a new mobile social game that creator Marc Ruxin says lies somewhere between "Hollywood Stock Exchange for music and fantasy sports for music." Marc is a veteran media industry future-thinker who happens to have excellent taste himself in music (and books and films), so if anyone can pull off a music discovery system wrapped in a massively multiplayer game, it's him. At left is Marc talking about TastemakerX and the gamification of culture at the recent ad:tech conference. TastemakerX


  1. At first glance, this looks like a modernized version of Monopoly – except instead of Park Place you have  Johnny Cash. Maybe the game has more interesting aspects upon closer inspection : )

  2. So, you need an iThing to participate? Huh. Maybe that’ll change when it goes out of beta… maybe I’ll stumble across it again when that happens, maybe not.

    1. I never said I tried it. My post is obviously not a review.  But I have heard good things about it and I like what Marc has done in the past. 

      This is my blog and nobody forces me to write anything.

  3. super stoked that guy has ‘excellent taste himself in music (and books and films)’ and while i do notice ‘games’ suspiciously absent from that list– good thing he’s got buzzwords like gamification to let me know he’s not a douche.

    1. glad I’m not the only one who thought that! none of my friends have ever heard of PopEx, I used to spend far too long on that website :)

  4. Anybody else see a problem with trying to “monetize” a relationship between brands and music? It seems like music is too close to art to be branded in the same way as sports. 
    If my favourite artists “sold out”, I think I’d loose some respect for them. Shouldn’t there be space in our culture to support art without making it whore itself out?

  5. Sounds a lot like a site that has existed for the last four years called “thesixtyone” where users can discover music and earn points when others like tracks they have ‘liked.’ Bands can also get in on the act and sell their music and products directly to their fans… 

    from http://www.thesixtyone.com
    “On thesixtyone, new artists make music and listeners decide what’s good. We’re nurturing a growing ecosystem where talented folks can sell songs and merchandise directly to their fans. Unlike a record or distribution deal where they only make $1-2 per album (if they ever get paid, that is), artists on thesixtyone make at least $7 per album and are paid every 30 days — no wait for recoupment and no complex royalty schemes!

    thesixtyone, inc. was created in 2008 on the basis of yielding the highest annual dividend of auditory happiness for our shareholders across the universe.”

  6. “The game that people play around music, which is the game of ‘I was into that first.'”

    Great…let’s make being an insufferable douche needing to impress others with your taste into a game. Awesome! 

  7. Too many bands aren’t on here. It’s gonna be hard to make fake millions if I can’t invest in Purity Ring now…

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