Thanks a lot, robot friend

thanks a lot, robot friend

Brandon Boyer gives this the lofty designation of "the funniest 20 seconds of video". Even after repeated viewings, I can't stop laughing.

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  1. 1- An animated GIF waiting to happen.
    2- I kept waiting for it to dump the strawberries into the beer.
    3- Best part? The arm falling off. It sounds like it’s saying “Oh dear, my arm has fallen off!”

    1. Yeah, I thought it was wonderful.  We really aren’t living in the future of helpful robots we were promised!  This one probably also bursts into flames for no reason at 3 a.m.

      Anyway, I very much hope the people who didn’t like it will take a moment out of their busy day to register their disapproval.

  2. Dunno what’s wrong with you guys, I can’t think of any amount of hyperbole which would have made this seem not extremely funny.

    1. I bet you’re the people who actually found 3 months of endless posts about anagrams of train maps amusing

    1. Well if the arm fell off first it couldn’t pour the beer now, could it?

      It’s just a matter of good product design.

  3. With apologies to Cheech and Chong:

    “Honorable kamikaze robot, you are embarking on MOOOOST dangerous mission. Taking beer can HIGH up in sky, you will search out Yankee beer glass. Then, you will rotate honorable beer can DOWWN, spilling it on yourself and everywhere else. Now, before we have ceremonial sake toast, are there any questions? Yes, you in the back, Sakimora! ” “Honorable general sir!” “Yes?” “Are you out of you f’ing mind?”

  4. I laughed my ass off, which is kind of ironic because I was keeping a can of Carling warm up there.

  5. “If I pour the beer, I’m an enabler. If I drop the beer, I make a mess. Somehow I managed to do both, and now I’m down a limb. My life is a semiconducting fart.”

  6. Honestly, the only thing that could have made it funnier is if it silently caught fire a few seconds after the “hmph… thanks.”

  7. My 10 YO daughter and I built a soda pouring robot with Lego Mindstorms last year for her science project. I didn’t know this was a real thing! Here’s a video of it in action. Sorry, but it never falls apart…

  8. I find this poignant and it fills me with despair for us all. We live in the age of the self-destructing beer spilling robot, and our soundtrack is a hyper-manic Japanese program that even its own producers only half understand. 

    1. Vaguely. It’s talking like a waiter. Something like “thank you for coming” then “Yea,yea, lets drinking  (something)”  my translation is bad since it was a bit florid Japanese.

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