HOWTO make a novice-baker TARDIS cake

Bruce sez, "How Stella made her own Doctor Who themed TARDIS cake at home on her own with no previous experience. Includes pictures throughout the process."

I wanted a TARDIS cake that actually had the shape of the police box. I didn’t want to just draw a TARDIS on top of a cake. The TARDIS is vertical, not horizontal, so I knew I would have to stack cakes to make it work. Without wanting to make it too impractical or large, I decided to make a flat cake and cut smaller square pieces until I got to the right height. This would be my TARDIS, and then I’d put this on top of a second cake to make a scene featuring the TARDIS landing on a grassy field, which would also ensure I’d have enough cake for the guests, since the TARDIS itself might not be big enough.

Geeky Homemade Doctor Who TARDIS Cake (Thanks, Bruce!)


  1. Years ago there was a slashdot article that mentioned the Cory’s name in the title and many of the commenters and I scan read it as Doctor who.

    1.  Yea, the Daleks were made out of fondant covered Rice Krispie treats, and I realized afterwards I probably could have added a few more features (like their eye) to make them more Daleky, but it was a first attempt.

  2. Hah! Pretty cool. And eerie: my 8 year old daughter wanted a Tardis cake for her upcoming birthday, and my awesome brother-in-law just posted pictures of the one he made for her, which is also 3-D (though not very similar to this one) and also his first attempt at using fondant.

    I would share but it’s posted on Facebook, and he’s smart enough to set his privacy properly.

  3. I wimped out and kept my daughter’s 16th BDay cake flat.  Good job going vertical.  I found all these professionally made Tardis cakes soaring skyward, got intimidated, and kept it low profile.  Nice to see you accepted the challenge.  Regardless, my Whovian loved it and the effort.

  4. extermiinate exxterminaate exxxtterminaaateee!
    sorry I just needed to say that. now I feel better.

  5. My five year old granddaughter had wanted a Tardis cake for her birthday. We couldn’t quite figure out how to make it, because she insisted it be bigger on the inside than the outside.

  6. Thanks for the geek appreciation, this cake was an effort of love as I made it for my twin boys first birthday.
    The following month I also made a giant Dalek cake for my daughter’s 15th (per her request) which I’ve yet to post pictures of.
    Still, the entire process was fun, and I definitely think I could do a better job next time around if I were to do it again.

  7. It’s very cute! 

    If you used a denser cake, like pound cake, for the TARDIS, and fluffier, airier cake for the rest, there could be an effect like a piece of the TARDIS being more filling than it originally appeared, which would be amusingly meta. 

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