Only in India: ill-advised bodges from the subcontinent

Aurovrata Venet's Only in India blog is a bit like a subcontinental version of There I Fixed It, a catalog of improvised (and sometimes absurd) bodges and fixits, salted with funny malapropisms on signs, and downright dangerous "fixes" for everyday problems.

Only in India (via Beyond the Beyond)


    1. It seems like a silly idea, but I think it’s got legs.

      EDIT: wait, the first one on the site of the first one on the BB post?

    2. Raj “Beds” Deepika :) It’s common to have a sign saying “A Weds B” outside a marriage hall (I’m not sure if that term exists outside India, basically a place where weddings take place) when a wedding is in progress.

        1. Also, there are quite a few dialects that confuse the v/w sound with a b – “beds” is probably how they pronounce it…

  1. This is confusing.  It looks like the wrong end of the air conditioner is inside the house.  The end with vents on the side is the end for discharging heat which belongs outside–unless someone is trying to heat the house with it.  Are the pants there to channel the air flow or is someone trying to dry them after washing?

    1.  It is a ‘room cooler’ basically a big ass fan housed in chassis with a mesh of some kind of roots and there’s water flowing down all over the mesh and the fan throws in some of that inside the room.

      It cheaper and noisy compared to an AC but most south asian low middle class families use these. Including ppl in Pakistan and India.

      1.  Also called a “swamp cooler”, and as you point out they are cheaper than an AC unit. They are really common in huge form in places like Arizona because they work quite well in a dry climate. They dominate the roofs of buildings all over the desert there, and the noise isn’t much of a factor when they are on the roof.

    2. I thought what they were trying to do is route the cool air into each room more directly using the pant legs.

  2. Is it ironic that the site itself is such a kluge? Unless I’m missing something, there’s a total of 16 pictures.

  3. Is bodge a UK-phrase?  I can suss it’s meaning in context, but I’ve never heard it before.

    1.  I think it is. I first heard it when I used to watch Junkyard Wars, which is a U.K. program (or “programme”).

  4. there’s a great Venezuelan version of this too… … kinda helps to know Spanish, but not for all of it. some great examples of the Venezuelan sense of humor too, which is very sharp and self-deprecating. also, some of it just makes me sad.

  5.  Hahaha. My first thought upon reading the post title and seeing the pants image was “This really doesn’t happen only in India … as proved by There I Fixed It.” Then I saw the mention of There I Fixed It, and was happy.

    Klugers of the world, unite!

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