PixelTable is a storage unit on one side, table on the other.

I'm not entirely clear on how Studio Intussen's "PixelTable" works -- the outer layer of square bamboo pieces appears to be permanently affixed, while the interior rows simply rest on one another. When you insert an object into one side, it pushes out the wooden pieces on the other side, making little table-like extrusions. I can't decide if this would be an endlessly delightful fidget-object, or instantly tedious.

PixelTable (via OhGizmo)


  1. Similar to those metal-rod things that you press your hand or face against and get a sort of bas-relief of your hand or face (I don’t know what you call those), if I press my hand or face against this, do I get a sort of Minecraft rendition of that body part?

    1. Since all the inner pieces are resting on top of each other, removing them doesn’t do anything but create a cavity under the table-top.  (Though it also prevents you from pulling any out to use as shelves.)  Hey, a box that’s open on two ends!
      Not too useful.

    1. I think I might like it better if each stick had a small knob (or better yet, indented finger-pull) so that one could pull out sticks rather than go ’round back and push them out exclusively.

    2. I’m with you. The smoothness and ease of pulliness would probably be proportional to it’s ease of use… but I can imagine endlessly (I’m OCD) trying to perfectly re-align all the truant pixels so they are flush.

  2. I wouldn’t say tedious so much as pointless. I’d just pull all the sticks out and use them to make some shelves or something.

  3. If anything, I’m annoyed by the ease of replication and price so odious it’s not listed.

  4. If this box is placed in a corner to be used as a couch end table or a night stand, it will be impossible to use it both for storage and table space, because one of the active faces will always be difficult to access.

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