PixelTable is a storage unit on one side, table on the other.


11 Responses to “PixelTable is a storage unit on one side, table on the other.”

  1. mack says:

    (Picturing the Harvey Lime scenes from “Brazil.”)

  2. planettom says:

    Similar to those metal-rod things that you press your hand or face against and get a sort of bas-relief of your hand or face (I don’t know what you call those), if I press my hand or face against this, do I get a sort of Minecraft rendition of that body part?

  3. Kommkast says:

    If you can fully remove the sticks, I see no reason why it would be an annoyance. 

    • bob d says:

      Since all the inner pieces are resting on top of each other, removing them doesn’t do anything but create a cavity under the table-top.  (Though it also prevents you from pulling any out to use as shelves.)  Hey, a box that’s open on two ends!
      Not too useful.

  4. Flashman says:

    Plus very heavy, very hard to move around, and expensive. A nice idea though.

  5. suburbanhick says:

    I vote for tedious. Actually, more like irksome.

    • Donald Petersen says:

      I think I might like it better if each stick had a small knob (or better yet, indented finger-pull) so that one could pull out sticks rather than go ’round back and push them out exclusively.

    • benher says:

      I’m with you. The smoothness and ease of pulliness would probably be proportional to it’s ease of use… but I can imagine endlessly (I’m OCD) trying to perfectly re-align all the truant pixels so they are flush.

  6. Daemonworks says:

    I wouldn’t say tedious so much as pointless. I’d just pull all the sticks out and use them to make some shelves or something.

  7. IronEdithKidd says:

    If anything, I’m annoyed by the ease of replication and price so odious it’s not listed.

  8. sweetcraspy says:

    If this box is placed in a corner to be used as a couch end table or a night stand, it will be impossible to use it both for storage and table space, because one of the active faces will always be difficult to access.

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