ACBF, an open/free digital comics format


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  1. Daryl Fritz says:

    I’ve always complained about the lack of Metadata in regular CBR files. I mocked up an XML file that can be included in existing CBR files, but never followed through with it to gain traction.  (Similar to how ID3 tags work with MP3s)

    *Edit* I see now that Robert’s approach is similar to what I’ve always wanted! I just wish it was an extension of the CBR format, and not a whole new thing.

    • Alexander Rauchfuss says:

      Why the hell would you want to continue using the vile monstrosity that is RAR for comics.  Zip is great because it is fast, unencumbered and completely ubiquitous.

  2. vertigo25 says:

    IDK… I can’t really say that I’m optimistic that this will go anywhere. The main stumbling block will be to try to get publishers and app developers to adopt the idea. And I just don’t see them doing it.

    When I first discovered CBML , I thought it was going to make a real impact. Unfortunately lack of interest from creators lead to lack of development and it now sits festering. Which is a shame, because I think it could do all of what ACBF attempts to do and in a more accessible way.

  3. monopole says:

    While conceptually interesting, it is unlikely to be useful for several reasons: CBZ is “good enough” for most purposes involving scans and scanlations.  It lacks network lock-in and DRM and thus is an anathema to the present business models of commercial apps, even if these are good things. Finally metadata is an anathema to scanlation in that it allows for easy detection by copyright maximalists.

    The truth of the matter is that the current insane business climate standardization and metadata are discouraged.

  4. First Last says:

    I think it will fail based purely on the fact that it’s not a government agency or advocacy group and is using a four letter abbreviation. Three letters or acronym, that is my belief.

  5. Joël Lamotte says:

    Actually, I’m working on something similar but that might be even more flexible (but is not finished yet). See: , in particular:

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