John Cage meets Sun Ra

Yes, it really did happen. On June 8, 1986 at Coney Island's historic Sideshows by the Seashore. And man, what a freak-out that must have been.


  1. I want someone to meet with John Gage from Emergency!  Even though he’s a character and not a person.

    Still… take him out for coffee or something.  TV coffee.

  2. The first time I saw Sun Ra, he was playing his squealy Avante Garde music in the dining hall.  I had my tray of stuff for lunch between classes and I was all, like, “WHAT THE F*** IS THIS?”  And walked right on by, annoyed.  It wasn’t until years later, Fate in a Pleasant Mood struck my fancy, and by then, Sun Ra had passed on.  Love that music.

    1. So was that you that bumped into me? Never did get the coffee stain out of that shirt, and clothing from Middle Earth was ‘spensive! Shame you didn’t stick around long enough for the Sun’s gravity to pull us all into the Blind Pig for a mind-bending marathon show from Saturn…Give me your Death. Give me your Death. Give me your Deathhh. (Ann Arbor, 1974)

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