Soft Swells - "Put It On the Line" (MP3 download)

 Sound it Out # 24: Soft Swells - "Put It On the Line"

Soft Swells’ debut album sounds exactly like what it is: a duo of New York musicians transplanted to LA. It’s a collection of sunny songs that sound just perfect for spring.

“Put It On the Line” is a deliciously simple love song with lots of lush vocals and some nifty keyboards. Go ahead and download it for free for a week.


  1. I like it… although it’s starting out already a bit stale as it’s obviously another MGMT/Empire of the Sun (love them both) clone sound that seems to have saturated the soundspace in the last couple of years.

    1. The way the track speeds are changing it reminds me of My Bloody Valentine, except you can actually hear / understand the vocals.

  2. kinda funny..  i thought i was looking at a picture of Mac and Charlie from “Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia”; except this mac’s facial hair is a little furryier and they’re both a little skinnier.  was the description of “sunny songs” merely a coincidence?  ;)

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