Box lifting sculpture from 1963


On eBay - this cute wooden model from 1963 that shows you how to lift things without hurting your back. Current high bid is $83. I wish the seller had a video of Oscar in action.

His name is Oscar, and his raison d’etre is to show you how to lift a heavy box without becoming the Brokeback Workman. He’s articulated, signed, dated and dirty as an outhouse rat, but he’ll clean right up with just a gentle soap and water bath.

And you know what else? He was made for P.M.A. Casualty Insurance Company of Pittsburgh. It says so right on the top of the base . . . under Oscar’s fanny.

(P.M.A. = “Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association,” in case you were curious.)

Old INDUSTRIAL FOLK ART Articulated WORKER MODEL Pittsburgh INSURANCE Lifts Box (Via Anonymous Works)