Clothes-iron modified to scorch Virgin of Guadalupe into your clothes

"Everything is coming up roses" is an electrical sculpture by Robert Weschler: it's a clothes-iron that's been modified to scorch images of the Virgin of Guadalupe into any garment upon which it is rested.

The steam holes of a working iron were re machined to mirror the iconic aura of the Virgin of Guadalupe. When cloth is scorched by the iron an image of the Virgin appears in the burn. The text on the T-shirts (everything is coming up roses) accompanies the burns and refers to the Virgin of Guadelupe's first appearance when she caused roses to grown on a barren hillside for the lone peasant Juan Diego.

Everything is coming up roses (via Neatorama)


  1. That would be a big seller here in Tucson, since she can be seen everywhere around these parts, especially in the hipster crowd.

  2. Cory, do you have any info on when they might be coming out with the toaster version of this vision device?! 

  3. Strange combination: the myth where living things come from dead earth vs a reference to it which requires that something be burned/parched/destroyed.

    I hope that’s intentional.

  4. One of these, and I can turn my house into a tourist attraction, make a killing for a month or two before the exploitable masses wise up… then I’d probably be lynched by those same masses, wouldn’t I?

    You know what?  Never mind.

    1.  They wouldn’t wise up.  Not their style. 
      And after your lynching they would venerate you. 

    1. Perhaps you don’t have enough faith?  

      Do you see all of the original colors, or does it just look black to you?  I’m guessing that I know the answer.

    1. Not big enough.  The Shroud of Turin was the result of spilling a cocktail of prune juice and holy water into a Hadley-Watson Model 6 Speed Ironer & Folder.

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