R2D2 turntable

This R2D2 DJ turntable is a nice piece of work. I found it on Nerd Approved, to which it had been submitted by a reader named Jessica, who noted, 'Tech, lights and all mechanics are by Tex Nasty at Remix turntable lab. Paint/Theme art by Ed Hubbs at full blown kustoms."

The R2-D2 Turntable (via Neatorama)


    1. This is an original Technics 1200
      I had modified to look like R2 D2 with the help of local artists of Eugene ,Oregon
      Tex Nasty at:Remix Turntable Lab.  Recordstylus@yahoo.com
      And Ed Hubbs at:Full Blown Kustoms.  Fullblownkustom@gmail

      Jessica Walker


      1.  Yup, thought that was an old Technics! It’s a pretty good mod, but maybe too much blue lighting for my taste. Cool though!

  1. It’s a nice hack of a 1200, but I think the Numark TTX-1 is better looking and actually more R2D2-ish.

    Just Sayin (as someone who has 2 TTXs and 2 1200s).

  2. Um, for paid custom art, you think a more regularly shaped and even spacing/sizing of some simple geometric shapes could be expected.

    If a dabbler did it for himself in his bedroom, that would be one thing, but for somebody selling “Full Blown Kustoms”, well I hope he knocked a few bucks off.

    1. I was thinking the same. Looks like something a 12 year old might do. Not a talented 12 year old. A regular one.

    2.  totally.  and you won’t see half the “art” once you put a slipmat on the platter.  color me unimpressed.  I don’t know how to wire LEDs, but I can make art in proper proportion; and as far as a DJ battle, fugeddaboudit.

  3. every “r2d2 themed” thing i see squashes the dome-shaped droid down into two dimensions. is it all just a way of saying the robots look better as roadkill?

  4. Re read the post you will then see full blown Kustoms is a airbrush/ paint artist
    Not a magician !
    It’s a Technics mk 1200 turntable that is made to look like R2 D2 simply and it’s rad!

  5. R2 brings the beats your looking for up close and personal..
    If you are filmiler with Technics 1200 you will then notice the platter is painted.You will then need to put the rubber mat back on in order to play your vinyl.whether you have a clear mat or not or even if a rubber mat was painted which i dont reccomend you will not see R2’s head !
    It is a Turntable art piece obviously with out mat.And then an amazing R2 Unit that indeed brings the beats your looking for when mat and vinyl record is thrown down.
    This unit is brought to you by Jessica Walker who had Tex at Remix Turntable Lab & Ed Hubbs at Full Blown Kustoms local to Eugene,Oregon modify this Technics 1200 into a R2 unit.
    Love it or Hate it you can’t beat the idea of these two colliding into a functional piece of ART!

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