CC-licensed mag gets accredited by SFWA

DF McCourt sez, "Just thought that you might be interested in knowing that Canadian Creative Commons magazine AE has been added to the list of qualified professional markets by the Science Fiction Writers of America."


  1.  Wait, you  mean it’s unusual for Creative Commons licensed periodicals to be included in the SFWA?  Is it the same for other award-giving outfits?

    That makes me incredibly sad.  It really seems like a lot of institutions that I respect are just outright hostile to their audiences.

    Why in god’s name would any group like the SFWA treat CC – licensed work any differently?  I never thought about this.  Cory, you’re always winning awards.  Do you have trouble getting CC licensed work in these award thingies?

  2. This is probably the first CC periodical to meet SFWA’s standards for professional publication, which were mentioned in the article:

    “The SFWA will only qualify publications that can show a minimum of one year of continual publication, a consistently high standard of quality, a sufficiently broad readership, and, most importantly, a professional pay rate (at least $0.05/word for all fiction).”

    The sad part is that a nickel a word is considered a professional pay rate.

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