Tim Powers's Hide Me Among the Graves: secret history of the vampires that stalked the pre-Raphaelites


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  1. Mike Butler says:

    What I don’t understand is why the kindle version is $6 more than the hard cover. No sale here.

  2. jackrabbitslim says:

    So, this looks like a sequel to The Stress of Her Regard. Which was great. Byron’s life is such excellent fodder for stories. Stranger than fiction, right? 
    Also, +1 for Tim Powers. Declare changed my life. 

  3. Yep, this is a sequel to The Stress of Her Regard, which is prettymuch the same plot only set amongst the Romantics. It’s not necessary to read The Stress of Her Regard to understand what’s going on in Hide Me Among the Graves, but you’ll appreciate a lot of the detail in Graves MUCH more if you’ve read the previous volume. As a rabid Stress of her Regard fan, I was literally slavering to get a hold of this one!

  4. kent williams says:

    What always struck me about Powers’ books is the way his protagonists react to the outlandishly fantastic challenges that confront them.  They always seem to be on the verge of heaving a weary sigh, rolling their eyes, and saying “Oh crap! Another ghost-snorting semi-immortal witch is trying to ruin my day! What next?”

  5. jgs says:

    You had me at “Tim Powers’s latest novel”.

  6. daddytodd says:

    In addition to being a sequel to “Stress,” it’s also related to Tim’s short novel “A Time to Cast Away Stones” that can be found in the collection “the Bible Repairman and Other Stories.”

  7. Interesting. Aiden Turner, who played a vampire on the UK “Being Human,” also played Dante Gabriel Rossetti on the BBC’s “Desperate Romantics.” Coincidence? 

  8. Chuk says:

    I didn’t actually like The Stress of Her Regard as much as most Powers. This new one was better (and it seems like a pretty distant sequel to me).

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