Toy boarders: like toy soldiers who surf/board/skate


6 Responses to “Toy boarders: like toy soldiers who surf/board/skate”

  1. StAlfongzo says:

    Oh my god! I’m a hardcore boarder if you can ride it sideways I’m there. This is totally cool! I will have to get some.

  2. beemoh says:

    They could merge both ideas and do Toy Waterboarders!

  3. zotlerg says:

    They should have used the different poses during the animation, by swapping to appropriate models for jumps etc. Although it’s a shame there isn’t a foot on the floor model.

  4. franko says:

    aww, i couldn’t find any images of the snowboarding ones.

  5. babVU98i says:

    Cool!  Little snowboards that look like little skateboards!

  6. kqih says:

    very good. reminds me this:

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