UCLA HIV research study volunteer project design contest

Faith Landsman, director of the UCLA/CFAR HIV Research Study Volunteer Project (RSVP) says:
201204161459UCLA was the site of the first reported cases of AIDS in June 1981, and currently has some of the most cutting-edge research on the planet including HIV gene therapy, metabolic disorder therapies, HIV-related cancers and vaccine research.

The UCLA HIV Research Study Volunteer Project (RSVP) is like a dating site for research study volunteers and investigators, finding their perfect matches.

RSVP is open to men, women, transgender men, and transgender women over the age of 18 who are HIV positive or HIV negative. Our studies range from focus groups and surveys to gene and stem cell therapies and everything in-between.

RSVP was just launched in March 2012 and we are looking for a logo design for our program. Ideally, the colors of the logo are blue and gold (go Bruins!!!) but can be shown in black and white if needed. Help us find a great logo and the prize-winning entry receives a t-shirt with your design and a $100 Amazon gift card!

Designs should be submitted to Faith Landsman, Director of RSVP, by midnight, April 30, 2012.
UCLA HIV research study volunteer project design contest


  1. I know they mean well but $100 for a logo would basically be an an insult to any professional designer even if they were guaranteed to have their work selected. While I understand budgetary constraints I humbly suggest one of the following alternatives:

    1. Find a design studio willing to take on pro-bono work for a good cause.
    2. Since this is UCLA, try contacting someone from the Graphic Design program to see if any instructors would be interested in making this a class project.

    A Graphic Designer and Design Instructor

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