Using deadly snakes to sell batteries


20 Responses to “Using deadly snakes to sell batteries”

  1. Antinous / Moderator says:

    I’m going to get all Freudian and say that this represents the triumph of the western industrial phallus over the native phallus.

  2. B E Pratt says:

    The Flikr link sez ‘Page not found’
    Wanted that for wallpaper.

  3. Preston Sturges says:

    He’s going to make them eat apples. 

  4. Roy Trumbull says:

    Pit vipers sense IR radiation from their prey. I imagine the IR signature from that lamp filament would make a nice target.

  5. Art says:

    That is one heck of a masterful illustration!

  6. pjcamp says:

    Are those batteries you shoot out of a gun? Cause I could use me come of them.

  7. bigmike7 says:

    Snake just looks like it wants to party.

    (You might have to turn up your music and have a drink to get that same effect.)

  8. Kimmo says:

    Maybe I’m just talking out of my arse, but since snakes are cold-blooded, I don’t think they’re much of a risk at night.

    Which kinda makes the ad seem typically tawdry.

  9. Christopher says:

    They see danger, I see a snake saying, “I’m walkin’ here, I’m walkin’ here!” Or I guess technically that would be “I’m slitherin’ here!” 

  10. soapdish says:

    I love that old skool Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew/Bobsey Twins artwork!

  11. I can’t help but wonder how Kincade would have depicted the flashlight beam.

  12. DreamboatSkanky says:

    “Aw, you found me!  Now YOU hide!”

  13. Thebes says:

    I’ll tell you, the one time I heard a snake rattle in the dark I sure wished I had a flashlight handy. Just have to walk away slowly and hope you guessed the right direction, not so easy if the buzzworm is under a vehicle or something.

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